The Boruto Anime Proves Naruto’s Son Takes After Him in the BEST Way

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 165, "The Quadruplets' Duty," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

When Boruto first began, many were wary whether the titular character could ever live up to Naruto's accomplishments. With his dad now the Hokage, the opportunity was there but Boruto's wild child tendencies just felt so similar to Naruto back in the day. The character definitely ran the risk of coming off a carbon copy of his father.

Luckily, Boruto's well on his way with forging his own path as his own man. He doesn't have the Nine Tails, Kurama, but he does have a Karma mark from Momoshiki. And he's not into leading the village when he gets older, he just wants to be a Ranger like Sasuke. So in that sense, he's not inheriting much from his dad apart from the Uzumaki name, the hair and the Rasengan. However, the anime has revealed Boruto does have Naruto's best trait: his faith in others.

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Naruto's known for cracking the exteriors of his enemies, appealing to them with his resolve and getting them to turn their lives around. He's done it with major villains as well, who all respect him for his sincerity and determination to fight the good fight. They don't just see him on one side fighting for justice, Naruto would actually do his best to ensure his enemies don't die too, so he's a true blue hero looking out for both parties. Most notably, he got the likes of Pain and Obito to U-turn when they waged war on Konoha and the other villages, showing them there was still light and hope in the world.

Boruto has his moment when Hiruga, one of the Haze Ninja quadruplets, locks Team 7 in a deadly swamp. The technique has them trapped in muck, nullifying their moves and draining their chakra as they slowly sink to their deaths. But Boruto desperately keeps clawing his way to Hiruga, not to stop him, but to save him. It turns out the more Boruto approaches him, the quicker he sinks but the kid risks his life as there's a secret about the move they only now discover.

The executor of the move will actually sink first and die, so it's not about killing anyone -- it's about restraining them. It's a tragic self-sacrifice but Boruto will have none of it. The more he exerts himself, the faster he sinks, but he perseveres, ignoring the calls of Sarada and co. to stop. They don't want him dying for this villain but Boruto, like Naruto, knows Hiruga isn't actually all bad. He believes in the good in people and hearing Hiruga admit he needs his last surviving brother, Asaka, to get the Hashirama Cell back home so they could sell it use the money to rebuild their village has touched the teen.

Boruto chides him for being stupid because if he stops the move, they can work together to fix this. And it works -- Hiruga realizes Boruto is selfless, unlike the alliance that left the other villages to rot. And while he doesn't drop the move immediately, Boruto has pierced his mind, causing Hiruga to consider a new solution for him and Asaka. When Hiruga stops it, though, it's really because the sadistic Deepa is hunting his brother, so he speeds off. But his newfound respect for Boruto is apparent and, once they team up, he'll realize Team 7 can be allies and help him voice his concerns to the ninja coalition.

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