The Boruto Anime Brutally Kills Off Two Menacing Villains

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 181, "The Vessel," now streaming on Crunchyroll, as well as for manga chapters not yet adapted to the anime.

With the terrorist cell Kara finally making big moves in the Boruto anime, manga fans have been eagerly waiting to see how Victor's story would be resolved. The anime has given the sinister war vet a much larger backstory, revealing he wanted to betray Jigen and steal the vessel (aka Kawaki's body) for himself.

However, in Episode 181, Jigen strikes back. He has a couple of key Kara operatives brutally murdering Victor and a familiar face viewers thought was dead in a house-cleaning job.

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As the tempestuous team meets via genjutsu holograms, Jigen expresses displeasure over Victor's airship crashing outside Konoha. They formulate a plan to recover the body before Naruto's ninjas discover Kawaki with Jigen telling Victor that for his failure he's temporarily off the project. After comms shut down, Victor is incensed in his home, but he does have the data that he stole from Kara's lair on Kawaki. His plan is to use it to heal his decaying form and maybe even form a new army of his own.

However, Koji Kashin, Jigen's main enforcer, is right behind him, stunning the old man. Before Victor can make excuses, Koji stabs him with a kunai and lets him know Jigen knew of his treachery. Koji then unleashes the True Fire of Samadhi upon Victor like the manga, with the eternal flames burning so fast, he can't regenerate and is burnt to a crisp. Koji's quite effective here, coming off like a stone-cold killer as he later reports to Jigen that he wants to be part of the recovery team as he feels an odd connection to Konoha.

Dealing with these traitors isn't over, however, as Jigen heads to Amado's lab where Deepa's head has been regenerated after fans thought Victor's compound fell on him. Amado's been extracting secrets from him to fully understand what he and Victor were up to. From trying to clone the God Tree to wanting Kawaki's body stolen, Jigen is pissed they did it right under his nose, underestimating him. When Amado confirms he got all the intel he needed, Jigen then sanctions the end of the arrogant Deepa, giving us some more of the rogue's storyline that didn't exist in the manga.

Amado, without hesitation, pushes a button and Deepa's head disintegrates in its aquatic tank, making it clear Jigen has no time to waste. The boss is already angry about how incapable Victor was and he wants to ensure no more secrets have been leaked that could be used against him. Amado's job is to suss out if any more Kara members would betray Jigen or if data's been sold to outsiders or villages like Konoha. Luckily for Jigen, it seems that isn't the case, with all problems finally being swept under the rug.

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