The Best Rom-Com Anime & Manga You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Plenty of romantic anime and manga are well-known to veteran and newer viewers and readers alike, especially those titles of the comedic variety. Likewise, there are just as many that have slipped through the cracks of history, failing to become quite as popular despite their quality.

Thankfully, the continued popularity of anime and manga has allowed fans to finally experience these funny and heartfelt titles more easily, be it through reading or streaming them. From Maburaho to the silly, sappy and sad Kanon, here's a look at rom-com anime and manga that don't quite get remembered as they should.

Venus to Mamoru

The most magical series on this list is Venus to Mamoru, which isn't remembered much despite its premise sounding like the recipe for a mega-hit. The main character is the eponymous Mamoru, who through sheer intellect is able to get into a prestigious magical school based around the power of Beatrice. His first acquaintance there is Ayako, who's known to be a somewhat stern and joyless girl. Despite this, she immediately falls in love with him, bringing Mamoru alongside her in the student council and indoctrinating him into her wizarding world.

The light novel series that the show was based on was 16 volumes, although the anime only lasted 24 episodes. The story utilizes familiar tropes such as magical girls, tsundere heroines and somewhat aloof male heroes to a T, using it to create a still unique romantic comedy of magical proportions. Sadly, its less-than-mainstream status means that it's not very easy to come by, either digitally or physically.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Shojo Wolf Girl And Black Prince Reika Sata Slaps

Wolf Girl and Black Prince was initially a manga by Ayuko Hatta, running from 2011 to 2016 and being collected into 16 volumes. The plot follows a young girl named Erika who feels that she must pretend to have a boyfriend in order to fit in with a clique. Her pretend boyfriend just so happens to be Kyoya, the most popular guy at school. He agrees to go along with her ruse of a relationship -- so long as she acts as his pet "Wolf Girl."

Despite their less than benevolent relationship, the two grow close and the cynical Kyoya eventually softens for Erika. While the manga series has not been localized into English, the anime can be streamed through Crunchyroll and Hi-Dive.

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Based on a series of light novels, Love, Chunbiyo & Other Delusions features a romance with a rather interesting high school student. Protagonist Yuta Togashi hopes to enter high school on the right foot, discarding his grandiose and embarrassing middle school persona. His classmate Rikka, however, acts exactly how he used to, believing that she has a myriad of special quirks and powers.

Despite their different ambitions, the two become close, creating a club together and even forging a unique romance. The anime series is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hi-Dive.


Likely the most "well-known" anime on this list is Kanon from Toei Animation and Kyoto Animation. Based on a visual novel series from Key, the series is still relatively obscure compared to the more well-known Clannad, although it does have some similar beats. The story involves Aizawa Yuuichi, who returns to a town where he grew up seven years after having left. Along the way, he meets and befriends several girls, each of whom helps him remember different parts of his past. The resulting situations are funny, tender and romantic as well as heartbreaking, running the gamut of drama and emotions.

There were two adaptations of the game made, as well as a manga. While the latter is rather hard to find due to sharing the same name as another, unrelated book, the anime is much easier to come by. The original can be streamed through Funimation, while the remake can be bought in physical form through them or digital media retailers.

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