The Best My Hero Academia Toys & Figures Hardcore Fans Could Want

Kōhei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen anime around the world, with fans ranging from children to full-fledged adults. One of the main facets of the My Hero Academia franchise is the excess amount of merchandise available to fans -- from plush items to home accessories, figures, collectibles and ridiculously detailed sculptures.

But with so many merchandise options out there it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you're an avid collector. But for those who want to "go beyond," it can be even harder to cut through the chaff and find the best of the best. For the most hardcore fans, here's a handy guide to some of the most "Plus Ultra" My Hero Academia items available for purchase, ones that can define an already stacked collection.

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Gran Torino FiGPiN

Starting off with something less expensive -- but still very Plus Ultra -- this FiGPiN of Gran Torino stands out almost as much as the hero himself. FiGPiNS are hand-crafted enamel pins that feature a pinback that acts as both a clasp and a display stand all in one. They're a nifty collectible item that can be just for display or be pinned on jackets or bags as an accessory.

Ringing in at $31.97 US from Amazon this enamel pin is a hefty little collectible. It's an exact replica of the character in its style and it's a versatile collection item. A figure you can wear -- that's definitely going beyond.

Dabi Fall Convention-Exclusive Funko Pop!

Funko Pop! figures flood the market when it comes to anything pop culture -- comics, movies, anime, literature, the list goes on. So it makes sense that one of the coolest, and most expensive, pieces of My Hero Academimerch is a Funko Pop. The Fall Convention edition of the Dabi Funko Pop! comes in at a whopping $207.85 on Amazon. It's a limited quantity, limited edition Pop! and it's pretty Plus Ultra.

With the translucent blue flames on the bottom and on Dabi's hand, the design stands out among similar Pop! figures. Dabi looks like he's in motion with his jacket blowing out to the side, giving the figure a cool display effect. Though its price is exceedingly high, especially for a Pop!, hardcore fans will find this little Dabi Pop! a unique addition to their My Hero Academia collection.

Crunchyroll-Exclusive  ARTFX Uraraka 1/8 Scale Figure

For Ochaco fans everywhere, this figure is definitely a cut above the rest. A Crunchyroll-exclusive, it features Uravity in her hero suit, floating on rocks using her Quirk. The coloration of this figure is actually based on Ochaco's appearance in the Popularity Poll illustration from Chapter 163. The details in her belt, wrists, shoulders and neck have been changed from pink to red, and the whole figure has a metallic sheen that really makes it stand out. It even comes with a removable visor for Uravity's face.

Priced at $92.99 on the Crunchyroll store, this version of the Ochaco Uraraka ARTFX figure is limited which, along with its sweet design and awesome coloration, helps it to really go beyond.

Tsuyu Asui Hero Suit 1/8 Scale Figure

For fans and collectors of standing figures, this Froppy figure is definitely a must have. Offered by ToysOneJapan, it features Tsuyu Asui in her hero suit standing atop a wave of water. What sets this apart from other standard figures is the inclusion of the word "SPLASH!," which gives the whole figure a distinct comic book feel.

Definitely going beyond, this Froppy retails at $232.00 US. Most figures like this ring in at that much due to the limited quantity -- or the knowledge that fans will spend the money no matter what. But it's a great, vibrant collectible figure either way.

United States of Smash Limited Edition Statue

What's more Plus Ultra than All Might's world famous United States of Smash? This figure from Big Bag Toy Store is priced at $669.99 -- and it's totally justified. It's an essential moment between All Might and One For All during the last moments of the Symbols of Peace Episode. It's an absolutely epic moment that's perfectly captured by this PVC statue.

It's perfect for collectors of display figures, though this one should probably stay in the packaging. Not only is it brag-worthy merch based entirely on the price alone, but the sheer iconic ferocity of the scene it depicts is enough to make any fan look at their shelf and feel it was money well spent. It's the best of all worlds when it comes to My Hero Academia merch. It's currently sold out, which makes sense considering it's a  limited edition item, but it could surprise us all and make a comeback.

Midoriya Life-Size Bust

Possibly the most Plus Ultra thing not just on this list, but in the entirety of MHA fandom, coming in with a price tag of $5,145.99, this life-size bust of Deku in full gear is also available from Big Bad Toy Store. Made of durable PVC and polyresin, the details are incredible, from the furrowing eyebrows to the creases in the gloves to the color of the hair. Each individual texture in Deku's outfit looks so precise -- it really is an incredible item.

It's quite possibly the most expensive My Hero Academia item on the market. To be fair, it is life-sized, and what fan wouldn't want a life-sized bust of Deku? But that price is steep, even for a bust. This is for the most dedicated collectors out there,  looking to make their collection as Plus Ultra as possible.