The Best Free Short Manga on Manga Plus

Piracy is and probably will always be a problem in the entertainment industry, but that does not imply that the rightful owners are going down without a fight. Shueisha's Manga Plus is an example of that. Manga Plus is a website and a mobile app where manga fans can read the weekly updates of Shonen Jump titles, including One Piece, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen and the like, for free. The first three and latest three chapters are available on the platform, although its current license prohibits it from publishing in-between chapters of said series.

While the Shonen Jump titles come at limited availability, the platform also hosts manga from Shonen Jump+ that are completely free to read. Here are some great short manga series to gauge the platform's production quality.

Abyss Rage Is An Action-Packed Revenge Story

Abyss Rage

Abyss Rage follows the story of a blind martial artist named Shinobu. Even though Shinobu is born into an abusive household, he is fortunate enough to be adopted by a caring martial artist who eventually became his master. Shinobu masters the art of Mibuchi Toshujutsu by using echolocation in lieu of his eyes, but he falls short when a battle maniac intruded their dojo, defeated him and his master, and abducted his girlfriend. Three years after, Shinobu has honed himself and plunges into a sinister prison, hoping to reunite and save his girlfriend.

Similar to titles like Kengan Ashura and BakiAbyss Rage features an onslaught of fight scenes showcasing a variety of martial art disciplines. However, the protagonist of this manga actually has a reasonable motivation. He fights for the sake of salvation and revenge, and not just for the cliched testing of mettle or proving to be the strongest.

Arata Primal: The New Primitive Mixes Science Fiction With Primitive Fiction

Arata Primal

When all electronic devices around the world suddenly shut down, weird things start to pop up. Creatures that have supposedly gone extinct millions of years ago are starting to prey on humans once more, and the same is true about the flora and the world's general landscape. Arata, a boy who is a walking electromagnetic disturber, is the only one equipped with the knowledge and ability to ensure humanity's survival and safety.

Arata Primal may seem to be born from the same vein as Dr. Stone, but the former manga quickly distinguishes itself from the latter. Arata Primal focuses more on primitive fiction than science fiction. Bringing the past back to life is this manga's strongest hook, although a lot of the characters may come off as irritable.

Curtain's Up, I'm Off Is A Great Manga About Discovering Passion

Curtain's Up, I'm Off

Subaru Yoshii is shy and timid, but he is forcefully taken out of his comfort zone when another freshman catches him imitating his self-introduction. He is then asked to join the theater club, wherein he discovers not only his talent for acting but also his love for performing.

Curtain's Up, I'm Off is a sweet adventure of self-discovery and dream chasing. It's a hidden masterpiece with a colorful cast and an engaging story. The simple setting is one of its main charms, which also allows the narrative to focus more on the character and their development. While the few 26 chapters make the series easy to consume, it also makes readers crave more.

Free entertainment is always a welcome offer, especially if it comes in the form of manga. However, free doesn't always come with outstanding quality, so cases like the titles listed above are rare and pleasant surprises. Reading them through the Manga Plus website or app is also a great way to support their creators.

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