The Best Fantasy Manhwa (And Where to Start)

Fantasy is the most popular genre among manhwa readers because of its limitless and creative subject matter. While there's an arsenal of fantasy manhwa for fans to enjoy, some series are better than others due to their especially imaginative themes, intricate storylines, complex relationships, and compelling emotional drama, among other factors. Here are the best fantasy manhwa on the market and where to read them right now.

Lore Olympus

As the most popular series on the Webtoon platform, Lore Olympus provides readers with a modern spin on the love story between Hades and Persephone from Greek Mythology. This long-running fantasy series is full of magical artwork, as it depicts how the Greek gods and goddesses live in the modern world of fast cars and smartphones. As a college student, the goddess of spring struggles to find her place in the world as she suffers from relatable growing pains on her journey of self-discovery. With complex family dynamics that tackle heavy themes, this fantasy romance has earned its top spot on the popular webcomic platform. Lore Olympus is available to readers on the Webtoon app, with new episodes released every Sunday.

The Abandoned Empress

Another popular fantasy romance, The Abandoned Empress is one of the most recognizable manhwa titles currently on the market. The series stars Aristia, the next empress of the Castina Empire hailing from House Monique. However, she suffers a premature death and is reborn seven years later to rewrite her fate. Aristia experiences the pain of unrequited love and learns to overcome her past trauma. As she fights against complex royal politics, readers are entertained by the heavy romance and drama the series has to offer. The Abandoned Empress is a completed manhwa with its full series available to read now on Tappytoon.


Lumine is a fantasy manhwa starring a runaway werewolf who's hired to be a bodyguard for a boy witch named Kody. Lumine tries desperately to become Kody's friend and earn his trust, but Kody is cold and distant. As a kind-hearted and clumsy young werewolf, he often tells people he's a weredog to seem less powerful and threatening. He experiences several transformations throughout the series as he ages and perfects his supernatural abilities. Meanwhile, Kody learns to accept Lumine as their friendship grows through overcoming several life-threatening moments together. Lumine is available to read on the Webtoon platform, with new episodes every Sunday.


As a famous superhero and fantasy manhwa, unOrdinary centers around the social elite who have unique abilities. The series stars John Doe, who attends the prestigious Wellston Private High School for those with extraordinary abilities. However, John is considered a cripple because he's ordinary and powerless, which causes him to be bullied and beaten up by his classmates, who view him as inferior. However, John has a secret past that may threaten the entire social order if he achieves his intended destiny. unOrdinary can be read on Webtoon, with new episodes released every Thursday.


Noblesse vampire manhwa

As an incredibly successful vampire manhwa, Noblesse has received an anime adaptation that increased its already large fanbase. The series stars Rai, a noble and powerful vampire who wakes up in modern-day Korea after 820 years asleep. Rai must adapt to modern society with its countless technological and scientific advancements. He soon enters a Korean high school with his servant named Frankenstein. As the series continues, more secrets are revealed about vampires and Rai's mysterious past as he undertakes an important yet dangerous mission against a secret society called The Union. Noblesse is a completed fantasy manhwa, with the entire series available to readers on Webtoon.

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