The Best Completed BL Webtoons on Lezhin – and Why There Should Be More

BL webtoons have been taking the industry by storm. These online comics, which highlight the love between two males, are also becoming more diverse in nature. Within this compilation alone, they range across a wide variety of genres like slice-of-life and fantasy. Yet, most of the best BL content, regardless of categorization, tend to share common characteristics: intriguing storylines, compelling characters and romance.

Fans will find a deep reservoir of such quality BL webtoons to consume on platforms like Webtoon, Tappytoon and more. While there are a number of exciting stories that are still ongoing or just starting up, there are also some older gems which have finished their successful runs. For readers who enjoy binging their favorite content and prefer completed stories, here are some of the very best, and some steamy, BL series that are available in their entirety on one of the biggest webtoon portals: Lezhin Comics.

Angel Buddy by Chungnyun and MasterGin

angel buddy korean bl

For those looking for a cute fantasy read, Angel Buddy is the perfect choice. The webtoon follows Sooho Kim as he juggles school and the unfortunate inconvenience of getting bothered by ghosts -- which only he can see. One day, he notices an angel outside of his classroom window. Sooho is used to ghosts but he never anticipated that he'd end up with an angel by his side, after he accidentally breaks the angel Taker's wings.

Although fluffy, Angel Buddy has some incredible plot twists and fascinating storytelling. It also delves into the compelling psychology of its characters to pose ringing themes, such as when Taker contemplates what it means to be human. The artwork is gorgeous, making the characters' expressions one of the highlights of the webtoon. Be warned that Angel Buddy does take a darker turn in the latter part and has a trigger warning.

Angel Buddy can be read on Lezhin.

December Rain by Kimon

december rain

Suchae Lee never expected to hear someone pleasuring himself in the washroom on the first day of his trip after his army retirement. And he didn't predict he'd see this young man again when he finds him collapsed near the place where he's staying. Suchae finds himself falling for the mysterious guy, named Gusam, extremely fast. However, he doesn't realize that Gusam is harboring a dark secret.

December Rain is not for those looking for a light-hearted read as it deals with some very heavy subjects. The webtoon is set in the late '80s to early '90s and has a very somber mood. Both Suchae and Gusam are struggling to find a place where they can be themselves and they don't have to run away anymore. Be warned that there's a thread of anxiety woven throughout the story because it is heavily hinted throughout that Suchae and Gusam's story may not end happily.

Read December Rain on Lezhin.

Wolf in the House by Park Ji-yeon

wolf in the house korean bl

Minsuk Yeo decides to start fresh after ending a long on-and-off relationship. The first thing he does is foster a Siberian husky with blue eyes named Bexan. However, when night falls, the husky transforms into a man who longs to go to Siberia to find others like him, where he will be accepted for who he is. Neither Minsuk nor Bexan anticipated that they would find another werewolf in Korea.

One aspect of this series that particularly stands out is the art style. It is quite unique in that it feels like a comic strip and, as a result, it's more static in terms of action and motion. Most webtoons are colored, but Wolf in the House uses a combination of black and white and a smattering of colors -- which, initially, evokes a colder palette. Bexan and Minsuk have a more playful quality in their relationship while the second couple, Ein and Diesel, are more complicated given their messy history. Between the relationships and the premise, the storylines are extremely satisfying.

Wolf in the House can be read on Lezhin.

Sign by Ker

sign bl webtoon

If there's one thing Sign teaches, it's to not order the coffee at Cafe Goyo. Soohwa desperately needs a job after he's in danger of getting evicted and he fortunately gets hired at the Cafe Goyo. Besides the usual duties that come with working at a cafe, Soohwa also has to learn sign language because his manager, Yohan, is deaf. Yohan barely speaks but, when he does, Soohwa finds himself unimaginably aroused by his deep voice and Yohan, in turn, gets aroused when Soohwa uses sign language.

One of the rare BL webtoons that feature a deaf character, Sign is, initially, a sweet slice-of-life story where Soohwa and Yohan navigate their relationship as friends-with-benefits before they realize they want something more. Sign is also hilarious since the two characters' kinks occur at the most inconvenient of times and Gyoon, Yohan's friend, has an odd gag of his own that inclues threatening to bury people. The webtoon does take a dark turn, however, when the person who made Yohan deaf appears.

Sign can be read on Lezhin.

Heesu in Class 2 by Lily

Heesu has always been the listener. He listens to his best friend Chanyoung's woes about school, life and his girlfriend, despite his unrequited love for him. For some reason, Heesu has been delegated as the class' relationship counselor, even though he has no experience in that realm. To his utter surprise, even the introverted Seungwon comes to him for advice.

This is an adorable feel-good webtoon about Heesu slowly falling in love and becoming the hero of his own story. It has a summer vibe because of the art style and general warm atmosphere, making for an extremely enjoyable read. While the plot is rather generic, it's the characters who carry the story.

Heesu in Class 2 is available on Lezhin.

Why BL Representation Matters

BL has a bad reputation, particularly when the works rely heavily on problematic tropes, which fetishize gay relationships and sensationalize non-consensual experiences. Furthermore, though there is a diverse abundance of BL content, characters are too-often stereotyped and forced into heteronormative relationships because of the top/bottom dynamic which make for inauthentic character and relationship development. All of these issues only fuel and propagate the harmful view that people in same-sex relationships are abnormal.

However, the times are changing. While there's no denying that there are still problematic and harmful webtoons, there are many more that are making the conscious effort to create characters who feel like real people. There are stories which focus on the universal feeling of gradually falling in love. There are complex balances of happiness and sadness in the stories, as life and relationships naturally unfold. All of these facets and more are incredibly important to continue fostering because they normalize LGBTQ+ relationships in healthy, realistic and connective ways -- ensuring that those in the community feel that their experiences are genuinely represented, and that those outside of the community can empathize with the shared reality of falling in love.

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