The Best Apocalyptic Webtoons With Game Elements

Solo Leveling may not be the first work of fiction that has incorporated video game elements in its narrative, but its success has inspired a lot of similar creations. The webtoon's rise to glory is rooted in turning a virtually worthless hunter into a peerless, overpowered monarch commanding thousands of shadows. It's a power fantasy that appeals to the audience's urge to dominate a modern world riddled with creatures from fantasy stories.

While Solo Leveling's fame has inspired similar works that can occasionally induce an adrenaline rush, only a few are truly notable. Here are some amazing webtoons that not only feature game elements but are also set in an apocalyptic world.

The Lone Necromancer Focuses On The Greatness Of Necromancy

The Lone Necromancer

When Seongwu returns to college after accomplishing his obligatory national service in the military, a mysterious phenomenon forces his entire university to choose a role. Seongwu hesitatingly chooses the necromancer after noticing the numerous stars it has. Almost immediately after, his classroom is attacked by goblins, which he bravely defeats with the little equipment available to him. He then discovers his ability to summon the undead and command them to fight for him -- an ability that will be of great use as various quests pit his entire university against monsters.

The Lone Necromancer mixes action with horror as it puts its characters in a game set in hard mode. Seongwu and company are literally thrown into chaos with barely any information, and they must struggle with everything they have if they want to survive. Fortunately, their hell greatly resembles RPGs, so they at least have some inkling of what to do next. Seongwu's calm-headedness allows him to bring the most out of his necromancy, resulting in badass action scenes and laudable power-ups.

Omniscient Reader Gives Livestreaming A Run For Its Money

Omniscient Reader

Kim Dokja is an office worker whose only escape from reality is reading web novels. When his favorite novel, which he has been following for years, comes to an end, he receives a weird message from the author thanking him for being the sole reader and supporter from start to finish. He downloads what seems to be the full manuscript of the web novel -- and then a drastic change starts to occur. The apocalyptic world his web novel is set in suddenly starts overlapping with his reality.

Omniscient Reader may have realized a web novel, but it features a slew of game mechanics. This webtoon features numerous higher beings known as Constellations who generously spend on their Incarnations. The characters are also rewarded based on their actions, and these rewards are often supernatural abilities or useful aids. They can also be awarded coins, which they can spend on a handy shop that sells various game-changing equipment. One of the most efficient ways of earning these coins is to accomplish the missions and survive their hellish events.

The Earth's Chosen Savior Questions The Meaning Of The Word 'Savior'

Earth's Chosen Adventure

After everything humanity has done to its beloved planet, Earth is finally meeting its end. However, the planet sends a message to all its inhabitants: it will be dying within 42 days, but there are a chosen few who can save it from its demise. However, these Saviors' mission is not as simple as it seems. They must not only fight ghastly monsters but also eliminate other people to maintain their Earth-saving powers.

Putting a dark twist on being a savior, The Earth's Chosen Savior highlights the benefits of PK-ing, or player killing. Even though defeating the monsters can yield a certain amount of power, it's nowhere near enough to accomplish what the Saviors are tasked to do. That being said, these supposed Saviors are the most terrifying entities in this apocalyptic webtoon.

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