The 5 Most RIDICULOUS Jojo Outfits, Ranked

The world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is certainly a weird and wild one. From ancient vampires to the horrifically strange Stands, very little of it resembles our world, extending to even the most innocuous details -- including fashion. As weird as Jojo can be, nothing holds a candle to the character designs. The wardrobes of more than a few Jojo characters are downright confusing at times, and utterly ridiculous at others. Some even go beyond breaking the rules of fashion to breaking the rules of physics. But even with this in mind, some Jojo characters fall into fashion faux pas way harder than others. Here are five looks you won't see on the catwalk this summer.

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5. Oyecomova - Crimson Gladiator


Steel Ball Run's Oyecomova is an escaped terrorist out for revenge, not that you could tell by his outfit. Oyecomova wears a dark crimson outfit that consists of a pointed skirt -- resembling something a Roman gladiator would wear -- and a red jacket. Oyecomova's hat is also crimson, but it has holes in the top that allow his hair to stick out. He is often shown with a veil over his face, but this makes sense as an insect shield designed to help him during the Steel Ball Run.

This outfit is made even stranger by Oyecomova's other fashion choices. As the red, mixed with his pale skin, American flag-inspired face paint and many clock tattoos, make him look downright outlandish. However, when you consider his time bomb-making Stand, the outfit starts to make a little bit more sense. The hat holds his hair back, which would prevent it from getting singed in an explosion, and the little surface area means there is less to catch on fire if he gets caught in a blast or spills corrosive bomb-making chemicals.

4. Rikiel - Bovine Nightmare


Stone Ocean has plenty of strange outfits, but one of the weirdest has Rikiel's. Rikiel is one of Dio's kids, so it only makes sense that dad's terrible fashion sense would be passed down, but Rikiel's outfit needs to be seen to be believed. He wears a one-piece bodysuit with a cow print pattern on it. But this bodysuit has holes cut into it to reveal Rikiel's arms and part of his chest. It also has a massive collar that looks like a medical neck brace, something that is only made weirder by the fact that Rikiel tucks his hair into it.

Rikiel's outfit could be a side-effect of his low confidence, as the high neck does allow him to hide when he is struggling or suffering one of his many panic attacks. The cow motif could be a metaphor for this as well, allowing him to express his feelings of being stuck in the herd and inferior to other people. But that really doesn't excuse this puzzling outfit.

3. Pannacotta Fugo - More Holes Than Clothes


When we see Golden Wind's Pannacotta Fugo as a young man, his fashion sense, while bright, is relatively standard. However, when he joins Team Bucciarati, he wears a two-piece suit that looks as if it had an unfortunate accident with a hole punch, as both the jacket and pants have massive holes. The red version of this outfit is the worst offender, as the jacket also has a large hole across the chest that serves no purpose aside from being confusing. Fugo rounds this outfit off with a black tie that has purple berries on it and, for reasons known only to Fugo, this tie is tucked under the jacket.

However, Fugo's outfit may have hidden benefits, as his anger issues make him prone to randomly beating people up. This outfit's small surface area makes it easier to fight in and probably costs less to wash the blood out of it. It also doubles as a metaphor for Fugo's childhood trauma's effect on his mental state, linking him to his Stand, Purple Haze, which emits a flesh-eating virus.

2. Miuccia Miuller - Worryingly Biological Coat


At first glance, Stone Ocean's Miu Miu has an outfit that looks fashionable enough. The ripped stockings and word-covered skirt she wears are perfectly normal punk attire, but her shoes and top push this outfit into ridiculous territory. On her feet, she wears a pair of green boots that look suspiciously elf-like, and her coat looks like a pile of intestines complete with eyeball-like pompoms. This, mixed with her oddly styled blonde hair and large amounts of makeup, make Miu Miu look like some weird cross between a punk and a 1950s movie monster.

However, the fact that Miu Miu works at a prison could explain this outfit choice, as it is clear she wants to make herself look tough to ward off anyone who might try to get in her way. This outfit could also work well with her Stand, Jail House Lock. This Stand makes its victims only able to remember three new pieces of information at once, and trying to recall what Miu Miu looks like in the sheer chaos of this outfit will likely take up at least two of those memories.

1. Lang Rangler - Burlap Steampunk Power Ranger

Long Rangler

Yet another Stone Ocean fashion criminal, Lang Rangler looks like a terrible steampunk Power Rangers cosplay...if the Power Ranger in question was inspired by a clumsy Jules Verne drawing. Lang Rangler wears a brown bodysuit with darker brown details on the arm. However, it is the hat that really sticks out. This flat-topped monstrosity looks like it's made from an old sack. For some reason, Lang Rangler has taken the scissors to his outfit, so the hood has weird jagged edges, the waist has holes cut into it and there is a crude image of a rocketship cut into his chest. This whole outfit just looks so confused.

Lang Rangler does at least have an excuse for his outfit. His Stand Jumpin' Jack Flash allows him to make things weightless, so this outfit is designed to make it easier to operate in weightless environments, as there are no loose elements that could get caught or tangled on things or block his vision while floating. The outfit also does a great job at concealing his identity, which comes in handy with his role as Enrico Pucci's assassin -- though it doesn't excuse the putrid color.

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