Tales of Luminaria Anime Drops Trailer, Ten-Minute Preview Video

Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad released a new trailer and a ten-minute preview video.

Both videos were uploaded to the official YouTube channel for Bandai Namco's Tales video game franchise. The trailer gives viewers a first taste of the anime's English dub, which features many of the same voice actors as the original game. An additional preview video, which shows the first ten-minutes of the show, was also uploaded to YouTube. While the original Tales of Luminaria mobile game featured a large ensemble cast of characters for the player to choose from, the latest trailer suggests that the anime series will focus on three central characters: the swordsman Leo Fourcade, the compassionate Celia Arver, and their childhood friend Hugo Simon. The series will premiere in Japan on Jan. 20. Funimation has announced that it will stream the series internationally.

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The anime adaptation is being produced by Kamikaze Douga, the animation studio that is best known for its work on the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise and for its contributions to Disney and Lucasfilm's Star Wars: Visions anthology series. Several key staff members from the original game, including its character designer, Food Wars! Shogeki No Shoma creator Shun Saeki  and veteran video game composer Go Shiina, reprised their roles for the anime.

The Fateful Crossroad is an adaptation of the Tales of Luminaria mobile game, which had its international launch on iOS and Android devices last November. The game was developed by Colopl, and featured storylines written by several famous anime and manga creators, including Sekina Aoi, the creator of Gamers! and Okina Baba, the creator of the So I'm A Spider, So What?.

Tales fans now have plenty of anime to queue up, as in addition to the new Luminaria series, Bandai Namco has also started to release the anime adaptation of 2005's Tales of The Abyss to YouTube for free. The video game publisher released the first episode from the series on New Year's Day and will release a new episode every week until the series is complete. The series is being released for free to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the franchise opening up its official YouTube channel.Tales of Luminaria is the latest entry in Namco's popular Tales action-RPG franchise, which began on the Super Famicom with the release of Tales of Phantasia in 1995. The most recent console game in the series, the critically acclaimed Tales of Arise, was released earlier this year for the Playstation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs. The game took home the award for Best RPG at this year's Game Awards.

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