takt op.Destiny’s Weird and Unexpected Finale, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for takt op.Destiny Episode 12, "Takt -Hope-," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

If takt op.Destiny's goal was to hype up its upcoming mobile game, then the Season 1 finale did just that, somewhat wrapping up Takt and Destiny's tale while leaving enough room for the overall story to continue beyond the anime. As is usually the case, the animation in the fight scenes is a major strength -- but it wasn't enough.

After making Anna a potential love interest in a shocking Episode 11, it wasn't clear how takt op.Destiny would resolve that love triangle. Meanwhile, Destiny's promise to bring Takt back at any cost instills a fear that she may not be seen again. Here's how the trio's fates ended up in the finale.

takt op.destiny anna as musicart

Sagan's Musicart Orpheus' ability to regenerate makes her a formidable foe, leaving Destiny unable to get close enough to land an attack. But Takt and Destiny's unusual relationship allows the former to boost his strength so he can fight the Musicarts himself, and his kick offers enough of a distraction for Destiny to fire an explosive shot. At her insistence, Takt leaves to find Sagan and finish him off for good.

Although Sagan is an underdeveloped villain, there was hope his motivations would make him more well-rounded. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. After witnessing so much destruction because of the D2s, Sagan has the brilliant idea of drawing all of them to the continent and wiping them out -- regardless of the fact that there were still people living there. One enormous sacrifice for the world's greater good.

Meanwhile, the stress of fighting turns half of Takt's hair white so he now looks like part Conductor and part Musicart, making it all the more satisfying when he uses Destiny's weapon to kill Sagan.

takt op.destiny destiny loves takt

The battle took a lot out of Takt and Destiny and they find themselves lying on a beach, waiting for the rest of their friends. Takt starts humming the finished melody he'd been composing, as Destiny holds his sleeve where his hand used to be. While he sleeps, Destiny sits up and caresses Takt's face, her touch gentle. Tears start falling as she leans in and kisses him. A smile on her face, Destiny confesses that she loves Takt as the edges of her body start fading until there's nothing left -- except for a slim rectangle pendant.

However, Sagan's death apparently did not eradicate the D2s and the Symphonica has reformed. To make things stranger, the latest Conductor to join it is none other than Anna -- who has never expressed any interest in becoming a Conductor, or in music at all. Considering the suffering her sister, Takt and Destiny endured because of the Symphonica, it makes no sense for Anna to become a Conductor at all. It feels like takt op.Destiny never developed Anna's character beyond the nagging big sister so it could tack this occupation onto her.

takt op.destiny anna as conductor

The finale gets even weirder as Takt isn't seen on-screen at the end. In the after-credits, Anna is wearing the pendant as a necklace and is resolved to do all that she can so Takt can play the music he wants. As she walks down the hall, Anna calls out Cosette's name. Her eyes shift from brown to a familiar electric-blue color when she says Destiny's name and she transforms into a Musicart, resolved to carry out the mission to protect music.

takt op.Destiny could be seen as a prelude to the mobile game, which explains why Destiny's design is so different in the game compared to the anime -- it's actually Anna. In its attempt to rush toward the game, the anime suffered badly in storytelling. takt op.Destiny seems to enjoy putting everything into an all-in-one package -- such as when Heaven and Hell combined to form Orpheus, or when Takt got all of the girls who loved him into one being, one Musicart.

Shortly after Destiny disappears, Takt has a vision where he and Cosette are standing together. She gives him the charm and says a few words before disappearing. That charm is most likely the essence of Destiny, who sacrificed herself to save Takt. Earlier in the series, Destiny had noted that Cosette was still inside her, meaning it's possible she was never gone in the first place. So even though Destiny is 'gone', Anna still carries parts of her when she transforms into a Musicart.

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