takt op.Destiny May Have Just Revealed Anime’s Most Shocking Romantic Twist

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for takt op.Destiny Episode 11, "Preparing for Battle -Orpheus-," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the penultimate episode of takt op.Destiny, Takt and Destiny are ramping up for possibly the final fight in their quest to bring music back into the world. Ever since Episode 8, when Takt accepted Cosette's passing and embraced Destiny for who she is, he and the Musicart have settled into an easy rapport and have even gone on a date together (though Takt would vehemently deny it). So it stands to reason that the two would be romantically linked, especially considering their relationship when Cosette was still alive.

Except, Episode 11 throws everyone for a loop and reveals fans may have hopped onto the wrong ship. It causes confusion since Takt and this person have never been anything more than platonic, only further cementing the anime's penchant of throwing in random details without any foundation or build-up. With just one episode left, is there any hope for takt op.Destiny to have a satisfying finale for all its heroes?

After being established as takt op.Destiny's big bad, Sagan's motivations for unleashing the D2s on the world have yet to be revealed and only serve to remind the audience that the Grand Maestro is the story's villain. He stabs his hand on the Black Night Siderite before being engulfed by the crystal, then doesn't appear at all afterward. No explanation whatsoever as to his whereabouts, or even why the crystal needed Sagan's blood before immediately moving on to the next plot point.

Meanwhile, Takt's condition continues to worsen as they battle on against the D2s -- and there's still no cure in sight. Even after days of rest, half his body is covered in blood and he's unable to last long in a fight before collapsing. Yet Takt is stubborn and insists they must keep going, leaving Destiny no choice but to support him.

As Takt and Destiny make the necessary preparations for their final fight against Sagan's Musicarts, Anna gets the frightening realization that this may be the last time she'll see them. She implores Takt to come back home, insisting that Lotte is close to finding a cure for him and Destiny. Tears falling down, she begs him to not disappear on her. Takt explains why he's going to such lengths and thanks Anna for everything she's done. Then comes takt op.Destiny's most shocking twist yet.

takt op.destiny anna kisses takt

To everyone's utter surprise, Anna runs forward and kisses Takt. To this point, their relationship has always been more brother-and-sister than anything romantic. Rarely have they had scenes where it's just been the two of them together, and it has always looked like Takt loved Cosette. Anna has never indicated feeling anything more for Takt and has always been seen as the older sister in the trio.

Even as recently as Episode 10, Anna had not-so-subtly left Destiny and Takt alone so they could have a date in New York, so it looks like even she's hoping the two of them will get together. Anna does admit she's unsure why she kissed Takt, so it could've been a spur-of-the-moment action where she was so overcome with worry that all her pent-up emotions burst out in the form of a kiss. If the anime was trying to go for the shock factor, it certainly succeeded -- but not in the way it wanted to.

takt op.Destiny is still struggling with one of its issues discovered early on: the balance between drama and humor. Destiny, who perhaps looks a little jealous, tries to tease Takt about Anna's kiss as they're heading off into battle. While this does fall in line with her character's inability to read the room, it still feels odd because the kiss was so out of place that the humor gets lost. Even if the anime chooses to further develop Anna and Takt's bond in the finale, it might still end up feeling like a betrayal after all the time invested into Takt and Destiny's relationship.

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