takt op.Destiny Episode 7 Suggests Hell’s Been up to No Good

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for takt op.Destiny Episode 7, "Truth -Noise-," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

takt op.Destiny's big villain reveal shouldn't surprise anyone. After all, the show hasn't made it a huge secret, considering the name of his Musicart (Hell). Despite this, Episode 7 still puts a surprise twist on the reveal by connecting it to two people's deaths: Cosette's and possibly Takt's father. It's a heartbreaking realization for Takt, immediately angering him into trying to avenge their untimely demises.

Ever since Cosette died, Takt has maintained a detached facade to deal with his guilt at being indirectly responsible for her death. Now that the truth is out -- Cosette didn't die because of his music -- his fury explodes. Will Takt be able to keep his murderous outrage under control, or will it lead him into making reckless decisions?

takt op.destiny schindler told off by sagan

Previous information about D2s has turned out to not be entirely true. They were first introduced in takt op.Destiny as monsters that emerged from black stones that rained down from the sky, along with the stones that birthed the Musicarts. Lured by music, D2s wreak havoc wherever they go, leading to a ban on music after a tragic accident that killed Takt's father. A similar situation happened years later, where Cosette was killed when D2s disrupted a festival and she was reborn as a Musicart. Although music is supposedly the trigger, there have been instances in recent episodes where D2s just appear out of nowhere without explanation.

As Episode 7 reveals, it turns out there is an explanation. Someone has been orchestrating (pun intended) all this behind the scenes -- and it's none other than Schindler and his Musicart Hell. The latter not only has the ability to kill D2s, she also has a special ability to draw them to her via a tuner, explaining why there have been random D2 sightings. The first time Schindler used this was during the festival, where Cosette reawakened as a Musicart.

takt op.destiny takt angry after hearing the truth

Viewers have already seen Schindler's attitude toward Musicarts, so it comes as very little surprise when he expresses his disdain for anyone he deems to be 'trash.' Citing the lack of sustainability, Schindler claims he'll create a world where only the 'chosen people' remain by using the D2s to 'cleanse' towns -- anyone who isn't living on the fringes of society. Although Schindler has a huge ego and craves attention especially from Sagan, he seems perfectly content to operate in the shadows. His hatred of Takt seems to stem from his jealousy of Sagan's evident fondness for Takt and his father as shown in Episode 6. Sagan believes Takt has the ability to save the world.

The curious thing is that Hell has appeared before in takt op.Destiny, but in Takt's memories. In Episode 6, he dreamt back to when he saw his father die. Just before the D2 was about to kill him too, the two Musicarts Heaven and Hell slayed it. Seeing as how they once worked together, it's possible Hell might have initially been Sagan's Musicart rather than Schindler's. But the question is whether Hell's power had always been used for nefarious reasons. If so, she might have (accidentally) caused Takt's father's death -- or perhaps her power has been corrupted ever since she started working with Schindler.

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