takt op.Destiny Episode 6 Shows Subtle But Important Changes to Cosette’s Personality

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for takt op.Destiny Episode 6, "Sunrise -Rooster-," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

After last week's action-packed episode, takt op.Destiny takes a step back and makes a pit stop in New Orleans. It's a slower episode in terms of pacing, but it gives some much-needed space for viewers to spend more time with the characters. Although the main focus of takt op.Destiny is on Classical music like Beethoven and Mozart, this episode's focus on New Orleans allows the spotlight to shine on jazz.

Turning into a Musicart saved Cosette's life, but it also took away her humanity. She is no longer the bubbly and energetic girl who wanted everyone to hear Takt's music. But something seems to be shifting inside Cosette -- could this mean that the old Cosette isn't lost forever?

takt op destiny cosette teases takt

The absence of D2s means that our heroes get a bit of a breather to explore New Orleans. Cosette even cracks a joke with Takt, saying that she can find some D2s if he's so bored, thoroughly shocking him. His shock doesn't last long when she gets sassy with him, pointing out that all he can really do is play music. Her delivery is a bit flat, but the fact that Cosette can joke around with Takt is already a huge improvement to her previously robotic countenance.

The trio separates, with Cosette and Anna going to get supplies while Takt stays in the car, only to wander off to a bar. As they explore the town, Cosette and Anna get dragged into a woman's home for some cake after she mistakes Anna for her dead daughter. Cosette surprisingly hits it off fairly well with the woman. A bit of her old self returns when she starts complaining about Takt to her, perhaps like how Cosette may have behaved when she was still human.

Music pulls Takt into another bar just underground, where a few people are sitting as jazz music blares on the soundtrack. But Takt only has eyes for the CDs and records stacked on the shelves, where he finds his father's Wagner recording. The death of Takt's father still haunts him even years later. There's a bit of trepidation in him when he enters the bar because he's afraid of how people might react to his father. After all, it was his father's passion and ultimately his death that triggered the ban on music.

takt op destiny takt playing music with cosette memory

Takt gets a lot of grief from Anna and Cosette for being generally cold and useless for anything that's not music-related. However, when he starts playing the piano, he comes to life, his emotions coming through the notes. In Episode 2, Takt had feared that his music would never be able to touch anyone's hearts, but in Episode 6, he clearly manages exactly this. Even though Cosette's former self is gone, he can feel her presence again through music. Just as his father once brought people together with his music, Takt is now connecting people through his.

Cosette recognizes this. Music is life and death for Takt -- if music is gone forever, there is no life anymore. For someone like Cosette, whose life mission has been to destroy D2s ever since her transformation into a Musicart, this is a significant epiphany for her to have. She isn't saving people by killing the D2s; she's saving people by protecting Takt's music.

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