Super Dragon Ball Heroes Gives One of the Strongest Kais a Massive Upgrade

Since first appearing in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse franchise, Chronoa has displayed incredible feats of power befitting her title of the Supreme Kai of Time. Chronoa's role is to manage the flow of time throughout the universe, as well as to take care of the Time Nest and Time Vault, which often leaves her taking a passive role within the main story. However, her "Time Power Unleashed" form introduced in Super Dragon Ball Heroes demonstrates a level of power beyond all other Kai -- and potentially rivals that of the Gods.

Here's a rundown of the abilities this form has shown so far, with examples of when Chronoa has utilized them and how this all positions her within the Dragon Ball power hierarchy.

The Power of Time At Chronoa's Finger Tips

Chronoa in time power unleashed form

This significant rise in power is portrayed through a more mature appearance and a large glowing halo in the form of a clock behind her back, not dissimilar to the halo of light gained by Fused Zamasu. In this form, she was then capable of freezing Demigra, his army and the entirety of the time patrol save for Xeno Trunks, who wielded the Key Sword. Chronoa's other base form abilities likely also gain similar boosts in strength, such as the Time Dilation technique she used to allow Xeno Trunks and Xeno Goku more time to train together.

Chronoa's "Time Labyrinth" in Super Dragon Ball Heroes

In her Time Power Unleashed form, Chronoa gains access to a technique called "Time Labyrinth," which enables her to seal a target into a space that exists between universes and outside of time. Known as the "Crack of Time," this ability requires Chronoa to use a vast amount of temporal energy but produces an incredibly powerful effect in exchange, making it an exceptional final trump card when in dire straits.

After Mechikabura uses the Dark Dragon Balls to return to prime condition, Chronoa enters her Time Power Unleashed form and uses all of her energy to seal herself, Mechikabura and the entire Demon Realm into the Crack of Time. It was later revealed in the Dragon Ball Heroes game that she was still able to use this technique even when she was brainwashed by Mechikabura, though the name was changed to Dark Labyrinth.

Chronoa's Power Ranking Among the Dragon Ball Gods

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power gods

While her physical strength pales in comparison to a lot of her fellow Kai, Chronoa's combat prowess while using her time manipulation and innate magical talents places her far above them in terms of power rankings. Factoring in the extent of her abilities when she transforms into the Time Power Unleashed form, her power is comparable to Dragon Ball's Gods of Destruction, but in a fight her sense of duty would likely hold her back. Despite having the ability to erase certain elements of the timeline she decides are disturbances, Chronoa would not likely take advantage of this unless the God of Destruction was directly threatening the natural timeline.

Furthermore, Time Labyrinth may be a formidable technique against most, but a pre-fused Sealas was able to create a wormhole from inside the Crack of Time to escape. If someone at Sealas' power level is able to break free, then it shouldn't prove too difficult for a God of Destruction to do the same. As such, the boost from the Time Power Unleashed transformation comfortably places Chronoa at the pinnacle of the Kai as a whole and on par with the Gods of Destruction -- but only if she's fighting for a cause she views as just.

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