Super Crooks: Netflix Announces Anime Trailer Release Date with First Look Teaser

Netflix's upcoming TUDUM event will feature a panel with comic co-creator Mark Millar and anime director Motonobu Hori about their upcoming new series, Super Crooks.

A release date and the first trailer for the highly anticipated anime adaptation will be revealed at the streaming event, which kicks off on Netflix's official YouTube channel at 8:00AM EST on Sept. 25. TUDUM is a live-streamed series of panels highlighting upcoming and current shows and movies on Netflix. As was previously announced, the event will begin with several anime-focused panels, including Sailor Moon Eternal, Ultraman, Aggretsuko and Bright: Samurai Soul.  The Super Crooks panel will be included with this block, and will feature Millar and Hori in a "fireside chat" to discuss the production of the new show. A trailer released to promote the event shows off a very brief look at the series.

The anime adaptation of Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu comic book was first announced in 2019, but more details about the show weren't released until this past June, when Netflix announced that Motonobu Hori had joined the project as the show's director. Hori is best known as one of the directors of the musical anime Carole & Tuesday, which was created by Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe and was released as a Netflix exclusive outside of Japan. The series will also feature character designs from Takafumi Hitani, who also worked with Hori on Carole & Tuesday. The series' scripts will be written by anime industry veteran Dai Sato, who previously worked on Cowboy Bebop and Eureka Seven.

A spinoff of Jupiter's Legacy, Super Crooks was originally released by Marvel as a four-issue miniseries in 2012. The series focuses on Johnny Bolt, a petty criminal with electricity-based super powers, as he is finally released from prison following a heist that went wrong. Johnny quickly gets dragged into another criminal scheme by his former mentor, a supervillain known as The Heat, who needs to pull off a big job in order to pay off a massive mafia debt. The team decide to rob the world's richest - and most dangerous - supervillain, but in order to pull off their plan, they have to recruit the superhero who sent Johnny to prison.

The live-action Jupiter's Legacy series and Hori and Hitani's previous anime series, Carole & Tuesday, are both available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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