Summer Rain Unveil The Modern Rock Song “Let Me Tell You”

The Modern Rock band Summer Rain keep impressing the crowds, with only their second release ever, the single “Let Me Tell You.”

They launched their career with the debut single “Hold Her Hand,” displaying for the first time their unmatchable potential and sure taste of what works and what doesn’t in rock music. 

About “Let Me Tell You,” Summer Rain explains: 

“It’s to help listeners perceive reality in a way that keeps you at peace with uncertainty and adversity, and to be confident in making positive changes to your own life and the world around you.”

Will McLelland (Guitar, Vocals), Josh Beausoleil (Bass, Vocals), and Logan Hale (Drums, Slide Whistle) are the three talented souls behind the band. 

They list Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and Oasis as their main influences, never straining for effect or forcing a generic sound in their music. This magical trio has all it takes to become a solid name in the modern rock scene.  

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