Suffragette City will host a charitable International Women's Day party in Manchester

Suffragette City returns for International Women’s Day 2020 to host an all-day all-night party at Manchester’s The Refuge on Saturday March 7.

Featuring a lineup made up entirely female-identifying DJs, all proceeds will go towards raising money for Greater Manchester’s women’s charities, including Women Asylum Seekers Together, Emmeline’s Pantry, Keeping Our Girls Safe and Contact Hostel. In 2019, organisers managed to raise over £3000.

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Suffragette City is organised by Abigail Ward Manchester Digital Music Archive, Rina Ladybeige vinyl-only party Social Service, BBC Radio 6 Music producer Kath McDermott and DJ Chris Massey.

The lineup features mainstays Manchester’s dance music scene, such as DJ Paulette, Philippa Jarman Homoelectric, and the Disco Mums collective.

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Co-founder Abigail Ward says, “At a time when women’s] refuges are suffering deep cuts and many women’s groups have to rely on self-organisation to fundraise, coming together to make a difference is more important than ever.”

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As well as fundraising through ticket sales, exclusive t-shirts designed by Manchester designer Stanley Chow will be on-sale at the event.

See the full lineup below, and check out the Facebook event for more information.

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Free-entry PUBLIC BAR from 2pm-1am:

Andrea Trout


Mix-Stress (Rebecca Never Becky)

BB (Supernature Disco)

Zoë & Leila (LIINES)

Reeshy vs Kirby

Soo Wilkinson

Alison Bell

Justine Alderman (Across The Tracks)

Abigail Ward (Manchester Digital Music Archive)

BASEMENT (£5 tickets) 10pm-3am

Philippa Jarman (Homo Electric)

Disco Mums

Ladybeige (The Social Service)

Lil’ Fee and Veba

Kim Lana