Students Threw A House Party, Then Told The Police They Were ‘Bored and Wanted Some Fun’

Students who threw a birthday party for friends, ignoring lockdown rules, told police raiding the get-together they were “bored and wanted some fun”.

Lancashire Police said several people fled the property when officers arrived to break up the revellers – some escaping out of a window.

Superintendent Karen Edwards labelled them “unbelievably selfish”.

Body-cam footage caught by one officer heard someone saying the party was being thrown due to them being “bored and wanted some fun,” according to Sky News.

A 20-year-old woman, thought to be an Edge Hill University student, will be issued with a £10,000 fixed penalty notice under new regulations for those found to be throwing illegal parties.

She told police it was only meant to be a “little gathering”, before adding: “How do you expect a 20-year-old girl to pay £10,000 for this? It’s not worth £10,000.”

Nine other people there were issued with £800 fines. This penalty was introduced last weekend for anyone found at an illegal gathering of more than 15 people.

Superintendent Edwards said: “This weekend, new coronavirus regulations were introduced, enabling police to issue increased fines to those in attendance at larger house parties.

“Officers who attended the party in Ormskirk used these powers, and as a result several fixed penalty notices were given out. This party was a blatant breach of the current restrictions, which are in place to prevent the virus from spreading and to keep everybody safe.

“It is unbelievably selfish for anyone to believe they are exempt when so many law-abiding citizens have not seen their friends and family properly in almost a year.

“The people in attendance also gave no thought to the safety of the local community or the officers who had to attend to break up the gathering, not to mention the NHS which is under immense strain.

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