Strike Witches: Should Fans Expect a Season 4?

After a long, arduous battle, the Strike Witches finally reclaimed Northern Karlsland and took out the Neuroi nest in Season 3. However, unlike previous seasons, the Strike Witches unit did not temporarily disband. The season finale also mentions areas like Ostmark and Southern Karlsland that are still under Neuroi control.

With that, it seems likely a Season 4 of Strike Witches will happen. But, it is also possible we may get more spin-off series instead. The Noble Witches are a fan-favorite unit without their own anime series, though they have made cameos in the Strike Witches Movie. Meanwhile, a few members of the Brave Witches briefly appeared near the end of Road to Berlin, and alongside the Noble Witches and Ardor Witches, assisted in the operation to retake Northern Karlsland.

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The World Witches franchise is on a roll with World Witch: Take Off! airing this winter 2021 and the spin-off, Luminous Witches, airing in spring. It seems highly probable that, after either one of these, news about more World Witch anime is on the horizon, but just what can fans expect?

More Strike Witches feels like a given. The end of the series mentions how Yoshika and the Strike Witches will "continue their war" and seeing as they also discuss there being two other major Neuroi nests around, it's likely the Strike Witches are heading to either Southern Karlsland or Ostmark next.

There are a couple of points that would make a Strike Witches sequel particularly emotional were it to happen. Notably, Mina and Barkhorn are nearing the end of their time as Witches. This is discussed between Mina and Barkhorn and even teased during Road to Berlin Episode 9 when Mina almost overexerts her magical power. Sakamoto retired at 20, and both Mina and Barkhorn are now 19, and soon going to have to face issues involving depleting magic.

After Sakamoto lost her magic power and left the Strike Witches, the unit hasn't quite felt the same. Shizuka is a fine addition to the cast but doesn't fill the void that Sakamoto has left behind. Luckily, Sakamoto is still a supporting character but were Mina and Barkhorn also to leave, the series would be hard-pressed to create suitable replacements for them. This is especially the case for Barkhorn, who has always been a central figure in battles. Mina typically has dealt more with behind-the-scenes politics, so between the two, it seems more likely Mina is the next to retire. Either way, it's difficult to imagine the Strike Witches unit without these two.

Though a Season 4 or movie of Strike Witches is likely, there are other options to continue the Witches franchise. The next most likely possibility is a sequel to Brave Witches. Currently, the series World Witch: Take Off! involves short stories that would have happened during season 1 of Brave Witches. It seems odd to include these stories alongside the Strike Witches: Road to Berlin shorts unless there's some sort of plan to give Brave Witches a sequel. The Brave Witches had their own long journey to Berlin that could be shared, or they could also take on one of the two nests left on the map.

Another possibility is a spin-off for a unit that hasn't received its own series yet. The Noble Witches seem like the best candidate for this as they've had cameos in the Strike Witches Movie and have a strong fan following. Overall though, it seems unlikely they will get their own series as they primarily defend the Gallia border, which has already been liberated. The same can be said of the Ardor Witches who defend the Venezia and Romagna borders.

It's been a great year for Strike Witches fans, with Road to Berlin, World Witch: Take Off! and Luminous Witches all back to back with each other. With Road to Berlin's finale, though, it's likely there will be many more years of great World Witch anime.

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