Stream Dewé’s NEW Iridescent Album: Colors

Adesola Adedewe, known as Dewé has dropped a new album called “Colors”. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because Dewé was a finalist on The Voice: Nigeria. 

10 songs, a colorful 35 minutes musical ride with Dewé. Once you listen to the album you understand its title. Each song, like a different color, radiates by alternating energy and a unique style. Eventually, generating one masterpiece: COLORS. 

The Nigerian artist experiments with different approaches to alternative afro-beat. When asked about the genre of his new album, Dewé describes it as a blend of Afrobeats, Afropop, R&B, Neo-Soul and World.

The album starts off soft and soulful with a passionate track “GenGen Pose”. This fan favorite already counts 62K streams on Spotify alone.

Then you have the ablaze songs, like “Pot of Gold”, that just like the bright colors of a flame, captivates you while igniting the night. Keep your ears on this song, as it is expected to be featured in the upcoming Best of Afrobeat Mix sets.

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