Stranger Things Creators Compare Season 4 to Game of Thrones

The creators of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer, say the scope of Season 4 of the hit Netflix show is comparable to Game of Thrones.

"We kind of jokingly call it our Game of Thrones season because it’s so spread out, so I think that’s what’s unique or most unique about the season," Matt told Deadline. "Joyce and the Byers family have left at the end of Season 3. They are in California – we’ve always wanted to have that like E.T.-esque suburb aesthetic, which we finally got to do this year in the desert; and then we have Hopper in Russia; and then of course we have a group remaining in Hawkins. So we have these three storylines, are all connected and kind of interwoven together, but it’s just very different tones."

In the previous seasons of Stranger Things, the action has largely been concentrated around Hawkins and has only traveled to other locations for short periods of time. The introduction of other locations isn't the only change made for Season 4, however, as the aging of the young cast has also led to a change in tone. "When we pitched it to Netflix all those years ago, we pitched it as the kids are... The Goonies in E.T.," explained Ross. However, as the Stranger Things cast aged, so has the show. "But this year, we don't have the kids. We can't do The Goonies anymore. And so, suddenly, we're leaning much harder into that horror movie territory that we love. It was fun to make that change."

Stranger Things was an instant hit for Netflix when the first season premiered in 2016. With every new season, fans have taken to pouring over trailers and information to try and figure out what each season will bring, and according to Ross, some Stranger Things fan theories are very accurate. "I'm constantly impressed with how sharp the fans are and how quickly they're able to put something together with very, very little information," he said.

Fans of Stranger Things won't have the opportunity to theorize for much longer as the show is due to end with Season 5. When the Duffer brothers first planned the show, they always had an end in mind and thought the story would take four to five seasons to complete. "It proved too large to tell in four, but -- as you'll soon see for yourselves -- we are now hurtling toward our finale. Season 4 will be the penultimate season; Season 5 will be the last," the brothers said.

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 premieres May 27 on Netflix, with Volume 2 arriving July 1.

Source: Deadline

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