Steve From Blue’s Clues Follows Inspirational Message With… An Eiffel 65 Remix?

Desperate for the tiniest crumb of serotonin, twentysomethings recently smiled for the first time in ages after Steve Burns, the former host of Blue's Clues, shared a viral message with them. 

Now, he's joined forces with the two hosts that succeeded him for a... remix of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65?

Considering the fact that the simulation glitched out years ago and now we're living in an endless stream of bizarre phenomena that we call life, this remix really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

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Steve From Blue’s Clues Follows Inspirational Message With… An Eiffel 65 Remix?

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The lyrics of the Italian group's infamous one-hit wonder have been reworked to tell the story of the famous children's show. The video serves as a reunion of sorts between hosts Steve, Joe, and Josh. Their dance moves make you feel like it's day three of a music festival and their bodies have been kept alive by nothing more than a singular slice of food truck pizza and 23 White Claws. And that really hits home with many of us.

All jokes aside, the video is a cute tribute to a timeless song that's beloved by listeners of all ages. It seems safe to assume that it's nothing more than fun social media content used to promote the show. That being said, to the dismay of the four or so people who would like to listen to this again, it seems unlikely that a full remix will see an official release.

Check out the unexpected remix below.