Stephen Amell Wants to Take the Arrowverse to a New, Bloodier Place

While an Arrow revival remains highly unlikely, the door remains open for Stephen Amell to return to the Arrowverse. But should he or DC decide it's time for Oliver Queen to don the green hood once again, Amell would want to come back to a new, bloodier environment.

"Oh, sure. I owe so much to the people of DC, The CW, and Warner Bros. Television," Amell told Den of Geek about a potential return to The CW franchise. "I love the character so much and only love it more now that it's coming up on two years since we wrapped the show….But having a little space now, I saw that I miss it. I do look back very, very, very fondly on it….Listen, I’m the namesake. So if I can ever be of any any help, if I can be of service to the Arrowverse in any way, shape or form, or better still take it to a new place, which I think would be the more interesting route to go, be that in a limited capacity or on a different platform, maybe one where we could show blood, that’d be really cool."

Amell portrayed the hooded superhero Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in The CW series, which premiered in 2012 and ran for eight seasons. Due to the fact the series called the broadcast TV network its home, the drama was limited in the amount of blood and violence it could show, keeping everything to a TV-14 rating. In comparison, Disney+'s Daredevil and the rest of the Defenders series are all rated TV-MA for intense sequences of violence and blood.

While Arrow started off as a grounded take on the superhero adventure, it quickly started to incorporate sci-fi and fantasy elements as it expanded its reach into the greater DC Universe. The series spawned various spinoffs, including The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and Superman & Lois, as well as the online series Vixen and Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

The shared universe allows characters from various series to cross over with each other, beginning with the two-part Arrow / The Flash crossover "Flash vs. Arrow." As the Arrowverse expanded, the crossovers increased in scale and stakes, with "Crisis on Earth-X," "Elseworlds" and "Invasion!" featuring varied lineups of heroes from several shows. It all culminated in "Crisis on Infinite Earths," which saw plotlines from Arrow and The Flash resolved. This crossover also officially brought Black Lighting, which started off its run in a separate universe, into the Arrowverse.

Source: Den of Geek

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