Star Wars: Visions – T0-B1 Is the Franchise’s Most Wholesome Hero

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: Visions Episode 6, "T0-B1," streaming now on Disney+.

Science SARU's "T0-B1" is the most wholesome episode of Star Wars: Visions, and the short may be one of the most heartwarming entries into the Star Wars franchise to date. The episode focuses on T0-B1's quest to become a Jedi Knight alongside the fatherly Professor Mitaka and T0-B1's many droid friends. While T0-B1 suffers a heartbreaking loss, he perseveres and realizes what it truly means to be a Jedi Knight. The short's adorable art style and strong message about the importance of helping preserve life all work together to make T0-B1 one of the franchise's best heroes -- almost too good and pure for this world.

From the beginning of the short, T0-B1's childlike nature is clear. Upon awakening, he comments on his upgrades, excitedly stating that Professor Mitaka made him bigger. When searching for C03, a seemingly tiny version of an astromech, T0-B1 sings to himself, and when he finds C03, he promises that they can play Jedi Knights later. T0-B1's design seems to reference both Astro Boy and Mega Man, and his fellow droids all have very cute designs as well. Mitaka also refers to all of the droids as "his children," emphasizing T0-B1 and his companions' childlike innocence on their seemingly peaceful, but barren planet.

T0-B1's flights of fancy show his strong imagination and childlike wonder. His daydreams mainly focus on stories of Jedi Knights, and he glamorizes their purpose in fighting in battles. In some ways, there is a parallel between Tobi and Pinocchio. While Pinocchio seeks to become a real boy, Tobi seeks to become a real Jedi Knight, but they first must learn what it truly means to be a child and a Jedi, respectively. Both achieve their goals due in part to the love and support of their creator and chosen family.

Professor Mitaka's work is also entirely wholesome, and he would prefer that T0-B1 focus on their mission instead. Mitaka seeks to terraform lifeless worlds and literally bring more life to the galaxy. At first, Mitaka seems to be against T0-B1's dreams, but his opposition is born mainly out of worry for T0-B1's safety. Mitaka finally relents and tells T0-B1 that he must find his kyber crystal to become a Jedi, so T0-B1 searches the entire planet with C03. When Mitaka tells T0-B1 to use the Force, T0-B1 does not realize what he means until Mitaka explains that the Force gives the Jedi their power and "is present in all things." Even though T0-B1 has not consciously used the Force, Mitaka's words imply that the Force is within T0-B1 as well.

T0-B1's childlike innocence does lead to trouble, however. When he finds an old spaceship in the basement, T0-B1 sends out a message to "other Jedi knights" as a part of his make believe game. The message is intercepted by an Inquisitor who quickly arrives on the planet. T0-B1 learns that Mitaka is a Jedi as Mitaka desperately hides T0-B1 to protect him. When T0-B1 emerges from his hiding spot, he learns that Mitaka was killed.

After Mitaka's heartbreaking death, T0-B1 does not seek vengeance. Instead, he chooses to focus on continuing Mitaka's work. He rebuilds Mitaka's home and his droid friends, and they successfully bring life to the world. After completing Mitaka's dream, T0-B1 hears his mentor's voice telling him to "use the Force." T0-B1 realizes that the kyber crystal has been inside of him all along, and he assembles his lightsaber.

However, T0-B1's success also attracts the Inquisitor who tries to kill T0-B1. Mid-battle, T0-B1 has another vision of Mitaka telling him that he is prepared for this fight. Importantly, Mitaka calls T0-B1 "Tobi, my young Padawan," signifying T0-B1's transformation into a Jedi. Mitaka praises Tobi's work terraforming the planet and knights him. With a parting "May the Force be with you" from Mitaka, Tobi awakens, now with stronger lightsaber skills and battlefield upgrades, and with the help of his friends, Tobi defeats the inquisitor.

Overall, "T0-B1" is a short filled to the brim with wholesomeness. It emphasizes the power inside of everyone to do good in this world and the importance of preserving life and the environment. At the end of the short, Tobi leaves the planet in the ship from the basement, plants in tow. He tells C03, "We will continue our research and the Professor's legacy of helping planets. 'Cause that's what Jedi do." While T0-B1 initially imagines his role as a Jedi to mostly involve lightsaber battles with enemies, his time with Mitaka shows him that a Jedi's true mission is helping others.

While Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions is still up in the air, if the series continues, hopefully we will see more of Tobi as he ventures off on his mission to help the galaxy as a true Jedi knight.

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