Spy X Family’s Covers Secretly Tell Their Own Story… in Chairs?

Hidden identities, secrets and the precarious act of balancing a double life as a "normal family" while being a spy, assassin and a telepath: that's the Forger family from Spy x Family. Loid (code name: Twilight) is a first-class spy whose latest mission requires him to have a family in order to keep the relations between Westalis and Ostania peaceful while Yor (code name: Thorn Princess) needs a romantic partner to appease her overprotective brother.

The volume covers of Spy X Family feature each of the characters with one interesting thing in common -- they're all seated in a stylish chair. While this may seem inconsequential, one Twitter user discovered that these chairs are real designs. Other fans commenting on their findings then pointed out that each may have been carefully chosen to match the personalities and stories of the character featured. Let's take a look.

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Spy x Family Vol. 1: Loid's le Corbusier LC2


Loid's chair, le Corbusier LC2, is the personification of who he is: sleek and suave, elegant and charming. It has metal frames wrapping around its side and could point to Loid attempting to keep to himself -- trying to hold all of his secrets and disguises together. Hidden beneath the chair are the various essentials a spy would have: binoculars and files. The chair doesn't allow Loid to lean back much meaning he can't let himself relax -- he has to constantly be on guard. Also, Loid's chair faces the audience head-on, which shows his confidence in his abilities.

Spy x Family Vol. 2: Anya's Marshmallow Sofa

spy x family volume 2

Aptly named the "marshmallow sofa," Anya is seated on it alongside her stuffed bear, with her legs swinging. It's adorable and matches perfectly with her naive and precocious personality, as well as both her age and all of the chaotic energy that she brings into the family. The pattern of the chair could also be a representation of her telepathic powers, with the circles acting as the numerous thoughts that she hears on a daily basis, all different colors because they're all from different people.

Spy x Famly Vol. 3: Yor's Eames La Chaise

spy x family volume 3

Yor, the assassin/accidental mother, is seated in an elegant lounge chair called Eames La Chaise. The white color could possibly indicate Yor's background as an assassin; how easily her hands get dirty from the blood she spills. But it could also point to Yor's innocence. For example, Yor has no idea that her brother works for the State Security Service nor does she know that her husband, Loid, is a spy. Yor is far from being stupid but she can be fairly naive about a lot of things that are happening right under her nose.

Spy x Family Vol. 4: Bond's Ball Chair

spy x family volume 4

Likely named after the great fictional spy, James Bond, Bond the dog has some pretty powerful abilities. After accidentally adopting him, Anya discovers that Bond has the ability to see into the future for a short period of time. The TV hidden behind his large frame shows his close relationship with Anya since Anya loves watching her favorite spy show. And because he's a dog, Bond seated in the Ball chair makes perfect sense, too.

Spy x Family Vol. 5: Yuri's Barcelona Chair

spy x family volume 5

Volume 5 features Yor's brother Yuri seated sideways in a similarly sleek chair as Loid: the Barcelona, a fitting international name for someone who "works in the foreign ministry." The legs on the chair are X-shaped, matching his sister's -- a symbol of Yuri's sister complex. Yuri's and Loid's chairs share a similar aesthetic, which may be a symbol for their relationship, too. Both of them are hiding a secret and have to wear a façade in front of those whom they care for.

The elegance of the Barcelona chair isn't enough to cover the fact that Yuri is hiding something, though. The gun, handcuffs and eavesdropping equipment behind it are standard pieces of equipment of a State Security Service worker. Out of all of the characters, Yuri is also the only one sitting sideways, which could point to him looking askance at people -- with suspicion and distrust.