Spy x Family: Loid and Yor Have Major Family Revelations

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Chapter 55 by Tatsuya Endo, Casey Loe and Rina Mapa, available in English now on Viz.

In this week's Spy x Family, the Forgers' first big family trip doesn't exactly go as planned, which is pretty normal for them. Yor's impossible last mission as the venerated Thorn Princess leads to an unexpected revelation: Life is about more than just being an assassin. Meanwhile, Loid's two identities begin to blend, and the lines he's drawn in his life start to blur.

Yor's task to protect Olka and her son is predictably filled with danger. Stuck on a ship and surrounded by miles of ocean, she's not in an ideal position to defend her charges from a variety of hitmen. During this time, Yor grows closer to Olka and finds they share surprising similarities. After living the life of a gangster's wife, all Olka wants is quiet, while Yor gravitates toward such an existence as well. She doesn't want to be a soldier forever but, before meeting Loid and Anya, she'd never considered another option.

spy x family yor hugs olkas son

Although everything about the mission is cloak and dagger, the hitmen quickly pinpoint Olka's location. Yor makes quick, and largely inconspicuous work, of her enemies. And when she can't maintain a low profile, Anya has somehow always has her back. In her showdown with a formidable hitman, Yor's thoughts are filled with Loid and Anya. She doesn't think about anything profound -- she only imagines the most mundane things, like returning her daughter's books.

Yor starts to question her purpose in being an assassin. She thought she had chosen the career to get rid of all bad people and cultivate a peaceful world, similar to how gardeners prune a plant by cutting away ruined leaves. It's a noble cause, but it's no longer a primary concern for Yor. She has something else to live for: the two people who are waiting for her to return home.

spy x family loid carries anya to bed

Loid's realization isn't as explicit or developed as Yor's, but he is already getting accustomed to having Anya and Yor around. When Anya points out Yor's absence at dinner, Loid notes it's rather lonely with only the two of them. Loid even feels a little guilty for "abandoning" his family when he had to chuck a bomb off of a ship. He reflexively reprimands himself, but it's clear that Yor and Anya have become an intrinsic part of his life, without him knowing.

While he still regard his role as a father as merely playacting for his mission, he makes an effort to ensure Anya is happy during the trip. He worries that she isn't having a good time and is utterly endeared at how sad Anya is that her mother isn't with them. Slowly, but surely, Loid's two personas are beginning to merge together, which is definitely not a bad thing: Having a family to care for ultimately makes him a better spy.

With Olka safe and sound, Yor can return to her family. Hopefully, the Forgers will be able to relax now, but, given what has happened in the past, we'll be sure to see more chaos and danger in coming chapters.

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