Spy x Family: Chapter 62.3 Parallels the Anime’s Episode 6 in a Touching Way

The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Chapter 62.3 by Tatsuya Endo, Casey Loe and Rina Mapa, available in English now via Viz Media and Episode 6 of the anime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Whether it was intentional or not, there are some striking parallels to be drawn between Episode 6 of Spy x Family's anime adaptation and the recent manga update of Chapter 62.3. Chronologically, they're at very different places with Anya only recently entering Eden Academy and the manga currently in a flashback arc of Twilight's backstory. Episode 6 is also much more comical while the manga chapter is comparatively somber.

However, similarities can be seen in Anya's interactions with her parents and how, in both the anime and manga, the young telepath has tried to help out her friends. Loid's advice at the end of Chapter 62.3 ties it all full circle to the anime's episode in the most poignant way.

In the manga, Anya received her second Tonitrus Bolt; she had sacrificed herself in the name of Operation Strix to save Damian from getting a bolt himself after he forgot to bring his handkerchief. The shock of it had been so overwhelming to Loid that he keeled over when he heard about it. Anime Loid suffered a similar shock when Anya got her very first Tonitrus Bolt after punching Damian's lights out. Yet the only reason why she got the bolts both times was because she helped a friend.

Episode 6 of the Spy x Family anime is where Anya tried to befriend Damian for the sake of Operation Strix. While she possibly made an enemy out of him, she did manage to become friends with Becky after the latter had been so flattered to know that Anya had hit Damian for her.

Although Damian and Anya are still far from being friends in the Spy x Family manga, there has been a notable shift in their relationship that is most evident in Chapter 61. Damian tends to hide his feelings behind barbed insults; even though he claims he doesn't want to be indebted to someone 'as lowly' as Anya, he's embarrassed and touched that she took the fall for him.

Perhaps the most moving parallels, however, are with Anya and her parents. The first half of Spy x Family Episode 6 spotlighted Anya and Yor's relationship. Yor had wanted to be a good mother to Anya but after ruining dinner as a result of her saving her daughter from a group of kidnappers, she was despondent because she thought she had failed in her role as a normal mother. What Yor didn't realize was that while she wasn't 'normal' by society's standards, she was still a great mother -- and Anya recognized that when she patted her head to reassure her.

This form of comfort is seen in Spy x Family Chapter 62.3 when Loid's flashback ends. It turns out that after he learned about Anya's second bolt, he'd actually passed out and had a dream. Loid can't remember anything and his thoughts and emotions are all jumbled up with his past as a war orphan and his present as Loid Forger. Even though Anya can't read what his dreams are about, she can tell her father must have been in distress and offers him the same comfort she did for her mother -- patting his head.

Anya apologized to Loid for getting her second Tonitrus Bolt and thereby jeopardizing Operation Strix further. Rather than being angry like she expected, Loid's expression softened. How could he be mad at his daughter for helping her friends? And with everything he's been through -- losing his friends not once but twice -- Loid was reminded just how precious friendship is. He thinks back to a happier time when he and his three best pals were alive and together as he gently tells Anya to cherish her friends. It's a beautiful parallel to Episode 6, where Anya is only just starting to make friends, and a reminder that there are more important things in life than a mission -- like friends and family.

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