Sorry, Goku: Dragon Ball Super’s Universe 7 May Have a New Greatest Warrior

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English from Viz Media.

Each successive arc of Dragon Ball Super has brought new and more powerful enemies for Goku and the Z-Fighters to take on. These battles have pushed Goku to increasingly powerful heights and most recently helped him master Ultra Instinct, which makes him significantly more powerful than pretty much any mortal in Universe 7. While there's been some question as to just who might be able to oppose Goku now that he has access to a divine transformation, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 ends with a major threat to the Z-Fighters seemingly getting a big power-up.

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Freeza's introduction in Dragon Ball Z made clear that he used the warlike Saiyans to devastate and dominate a number of planets before the villain turned on his subjects. Among those Freeza targeted was a race called the Cerealians. Like with Vegeta and Goku, Freeza's extermination of the Cerealians didn't wipe every last one out, thus leaving a character named Granolah as the lone survivor. In Chapter 68, Granolah learned that Freeza was now alive again following the events of the "Universe Survival Saga" and immediately began a quest for revenge.

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In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69, Granolah arrives on his home planet and meets with Monaito, an old Namekian who also survived Freeza's attack. Talk soon turns to the Dragon Balls on the planet, but Monaito cautions Granolah against using them to get revenge against Freeza. However, soon and against Monaito's wishes, Granolah gathers the two Cerealian Dragon Balls and summons the planet's dragon. Granolah then asks to be turned "into the greatest warrior in the universe."

At this time, it's not totally clear what the limits might be on the Cerealian Dragon Balls and if it's actually within the power of the dragon to grant this wish. Still, Monaito seemed to believe these Dragon Balls were capable of granting Granolah's wish, and it's unlikely the manga is going to drag the Cerealian's eventual power boost out for very long. After all, Chapter 69 is still early in the current arc, "Granolah the Survivor Saga," and there's every indication the titular character is going to get strong enough to fight the manga's deadliest warriors quickly.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 key art

If Granolah's wish gets granted, he's going to be a threat more than capable of taking down Freeza or anyone else that opposes him, as he'll become at least as powerful as Goku. However, Granolah also believes that the Saiyans were all wiped out, and he still holds the group responsible for the death of the Cerealians. As such, Granolah might soon learn that Goku and Vegeta are alive, which could lead to a showdown that truly tests the Z-Fighters and Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 releases March 19.

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