SnowGlobe Music Festival Cancelled Indefinitely, Enters the Great Beyond

Despite nine years of being "literally and figuratively the chillest festival ever," South Lake Tahoe's SnowGlobe Music Festival is now in permanent meltdown.

According to SFGate, the local City Council unanimously voted this week to terminate its contract with the annual festival. The event's 10th anniversary, originally scheduled for 2020, was set to take place December 29-31. 

For years locals have complained about inordinate noise, bad tipping and leftover debris. In 2018 the Center for Environmental Health even sued the ViacomCBS-owned event for pumping excessive levels of benzene into the air. Still, the festival skated by, managing to renew its city contract for another five years—but only if it moved to a new location.

This stipulation turned out to be the final nail in SnowGlobe's coffin. After organizers missed their June 18th deadline to submit suggestions, City Council deemed the event to be in breach of contract. By August 3rd, it was gone for good. 

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Kaskade performs at the 2018 edition of SnowGlobe Festival.

Kaskade performs at the 2018 edition of SnowGlobe Festival.

For three days every New Year's Eve, SnowGlobe nearly doubled the area's population with an estimated 20,000 attendees. Drawn by lineups that have counted Travis Scott, Porter Robinson and Eric Prydz as headliners, furry boot- and neon puffer-clad fans would come from around the country to party in the cold.

Looks like EDM's snow bros and bunnies will now be headed elsewhere for their New Year's festivities.