Bass music producer SNAILS blesses us with his new three-track release SLIME TIME PT. 2. The three-track release showcases incredible beats that will take you to the next dimension. With high-quality production and wicked beats from the renowned Vomitstep DJ, listeners will undergo a life-changing  experience after finishing the EP.

SLIME ZONE sets the intense tone of the EP with an unforgettable intro that prepares listeners for a wild ride. Fast drums ride through the music as listeners enter the slime zone. Electronic sounds, lasers, and growls swiftly surround the listener as they are sent to another world. PEACE SLUGZ ROCK N ROLL combines rock and roll elements with EDM music. Although short in length, this collaborative attempt to bind the genres creates an outstanding dance song that is sure make listeners want to headbang. The electric guitar is a standout in this track. TRAILZ shows the classic SNAILS sound with a nasty bass and brass sounds. The EP demonstrates both his signature sound and the experimental nature of SNAILS.

SLIME TIME PT. 2 follows the release of SLIME TIME PT. 1 which dropped last March. SNAILS will continue releasing new content for EDM listeners as he works with different sounds and visual effects. Fans can expect more mind-blowing beats and trippy visual effects in the future. Listen to SLIME ZONE PT. 2 here!