SNAFU Climax: Yui Comes To Terms With Her Youth Romantic Comedy’s End

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 12 of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, “My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax has come to an end. In Episode 11, Hachiman and Yukino finally confess their feelings to each other, but the series finale still has plenty of time to deal with the fallout -- namely, where this leaves Yui.

The episode opens up on Hachiman and Yukino in the old Service Club room. The two talk about the joint prom and the problems it poses, eventually coming to the conclusion that they’re short on time, resources and manpower. Hachiman states that he’s hesitant to ask Yui for help, but Yukino assures him that she’s planning on talking to her. When looking for a big enough venue to host both schools, they come across a seaside park. The two decide to scout it out the following day, while also taking the opportunity to go on a date.

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When they reunite the following day, Hachiman is somewhat surprised to see Yukino in her casual clothes. Yukino tries to take a quick selfie of the two, which catches Hachiman off-guard. After their break, the two find a nearby terrace that fits all the criteria they’re looking for, and decide to book it for the event.

Back in the Service Club room, Hachiman, Yukino and the gaming club work on filling out the right forms for renting the venue. Iroha joins in alongside the Student Council Vice President and Secretary. Saika joins them shortly after and agrees to recruit the Tennis club to help prepare for the event. Hayato, Kakeru, Yumiko, Hina and Saki also offer their help. Hachiman and Yukino get ready to start their meeting with the newly formed planning committee just as Yui rushes in, much to the relief of the two former Service Club members.

The group then heads out to a local sauna in order to wind down. In the men’s sauna, Kakeru starts questioning Hachiman about his and Yukino’s relationship. Hachiman sheepishly brushes it off, but Hayato reveals that they all know and that they’ve decided to stay out of it.

As the day of the joint prom arrives, Hachiman and Yukino are busy preparing. Komachi drops by and Yui introduces her to Iroha. The two exchange some barbs but quickly click, and noticing that Yui is still distraught over her now complicated relationship with Hachiman and Yukino, try and cheer her up.

Mrs. Yukinoshita and Haruno stop by, with the former warning Yukino of the possible issues the joint prom will face throughout the night. Yukino reassures her that she’s willing to take responsibility for anything that happens, and Haruno teasingly tells Hachiman to brace himself. During the prom, Hachiman bumps into Yui who offers to help him as he tries to fix an issue with the event’s catering. As the two talk, Iroha and Komachi spy on them and decide to take action.

After the prom ends, Shizuka congratulates Hachiman on a job well done and the two share a dance together. Shizuka asks him if he’s found something he finally thinks is genuine, which he affirms. Satisfied with his answer, the two shake hands as Shizuka has one last goodbye with her favourite student. Hachiman then heads to the outside terrace and finds Yukino preparing for the eventual clean-up. Yukino initially focuses on the job at hand, assigning Hachiman the task of clearing any remaining students from the property. Just as their conversation comes to an end, she tells him that she loves him before hurrying off, leaving Hachiman completely speechless.

Sometime after the event, Hachiman and Yukino are finishing up the paperwork from the joint prom in the former Service Club room. Yukino invites Hachiman over for dinner, revealing that her mother has taken an interest in him. Hachiman attempts to get out of it, but Yukino recites the schedules of every single person he knows, effectively shutting him down.

Komachi enters the room, requesting to join the Service Club. Hachiman tells her that the club has been disbanded but Iroha enters the room, showing the two an approved club application listing Komachi as president and Hachiman and Yukino as members -- much to their surprise. Yui then enters the room with a request, mirroring her first interaction with the Service Club at the beginning of the series. She alludes to her issues with coming to terms with Hachiman and Yukino’s relationship, and Yukino offers her some tea. Hachiman looks at the newly reformed Service Club with a smile, declaring, “My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected.”