Skrillex Announces His First Festival Performance of 2022 Will Be at Porter Robinson’s Second Sky

When seemingly all hope had been written off for a Skrillex festival set in 2022, he delivered a surprise no one saw coming. 

Skrillex was slated to return to the festival circuit this year with scheduled performances at Tampa's Sunset Music Festival and Detroit's Movement. However, just as we turned the corner into summer, the pioneering electronic music producer announced he simply hadn't had the time to prepare as he'd been preoccupied with finishing work on his upcoming albums.


Skrillex confirmed his first festival set of 2022 at Porter Robinson's Second Sky Festival.

It seemed that was going to be the end of it. Then in late September, Fred again.., who was one of the scheduled artists set to play at Porter Robinson's Second Sky, announced he had to pull out in order to meet the timeline for the release of his upcoming album, Actual Life 3.

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Skrillex Announces His First Festival Performance of 2022 Will Be at Porter Robinson's Second Sky

After pulling out of his scheduled sets at Sunset Music Festival and Movement earlier this year, Skrillex's return to the festival stage has been confirmed.


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In his statement, he teased at the time that he'd heard "verrrry exciting things about a potential replacement."

This week, Second Sky's organizers accomplished the improbable when they announced Skrillex would be holding down the open slot. In a way, it's especially fitting considering Skrillex was a surprise guest at the Bay Area music festival at its debut edition in 2019.

Second Sky returns on October 29th. Tickets are on sale now.