Sk8: The Infinity’s 5 Cutest Moments Between Langa & Reki

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Sk8:The Infinity, Season 1.

Sk8: The Infinity may be a sports anime about skateboarding and high-stakes races, but the heart of the series is also about fun and friendship. In fact, the series' Reki and Langa are such tight skating partners, they’re popularly shipped among fans as “Renga" -- and for good reason: The relationship that develops between the pair is so heartwarming, it’s hard not to keep replaying their cutest moments throughout the series.

Reki and Langa start off as mere classmates, but their bond quickly grows the more they skateboard together. Even when they recognize their differences and clash, their connection continues to get stronger as Sk8: The Infinity progresses. From their very first meeting to their final skateboarding scenes together, their journey is filled with adorable moments, but these five are our top picks.

Reki Introduces Langa to Skateboarding

The first interaction between Reki and Langa starts when Reki’s runaway skateboard passes by Langa, who stops it for him. Reki then tempts Langa to hop on and try it out. Despite being an expert snowboarder, Langa instantly biffs it, the skateboard shooting out from under his feet so he falls on his back.

Reki bursts out in laughter at his epic fail but then decides to show him how it’s done. The passionate skateboarder zooms straight at the collapsed Langa and ollies right over him. Eyes wide, Langa witnesses the stunning jump in awe, clearly dazzled by Reki’s impressive skateboarding skills. This heart-pounding moment is likely what first ignites Langa’s interest in skateboarding.

Reki & Langa Act Like Baes on the Beach

In Episode 6, Reki, Langa and the crew of other “S” skaters all make it out to Miyakojima Island. The skaters are all hanging out on the beach when Shadow sees Joe flirting with girls and decides to intervene. Reki dissuades Shadow by offering a demonstration of how the interaction would go. He suddenly throws his arms around Langa, hilariously impersonating one of Joe’s girls saying, “Help, Joe, that guy scares me!”

While a sun-struck Langa is initially confused and non-responsive, Reki shakes him into joining the mini roleplay. Langa holds on to Reki and responds in a masculine voice: “Don’t worry, bae – I’ll protect you.” The little prank on Shadow is priceless, and their theatrical embrace is adorable.

Sk8: The Infinity's beach episode is loaded with cute moments including Reki’s failed attempt at flirting with a girl, and when Langa saves him from a nasty fall by catching him on his skateboard. Their roleplay takes the cake, but the other moments serve as honorable mentions.

Reki & Langa Create an Infinity Fist Bump

When Langa first starts training, he constantly falls, covering himself in cuts and bruises – even his hands ache. Reki reaches out in a congratulatory fist pump, and Langa winces in pain from the small impact which makes Reki laugh. Doing this bro-style handshake is one of the consistently cute parts of their friendship. In one endearing moment, Reki even fist bumps Langa’s chest to show how he cares for him.

As the skateboarders continue to practice and grow by each other’s side, they develop an even more special handshake. After a brief falling out, Langa realizes how important their friendship is and tells Reki, “I want to skate infinitely with you.” They then decide to kick their DAP up a notch. Reki and Langa transcend the typical friendship high five / fist bump combo, adding an infinity sign at the end by making their hands into circles and connecting them. From then onward, their friendship is indestructible.

Reki Makes Langa the Perfect Skateboard

To help Langa adjust to the skateboarding scene, Reki custom designs a board to suit his snowboarding style. He never resists giving his boards comically extravagant names, calling the first version the “Reki Royal Straight Prince Maru.” Somehow Reki thought the girls called Langa “Prince” -- a claim he flat out denies. Reki’s genius helps evolve the board, advancing foot straps to toe clips for movability and adding a slick hinge so Langa could take corners easier. Reki jubilantly calls the final product the “Reki Langa Special Rolling Slider Reki,” or L2S for short.

The snowboarder acts adorably charmed whenever Reki enhances his board, looking all starry-eyed and stunned by Reki’s mechanic skills. Reflecting on his progress, Langa expresses how much Reki’s ingenuity impresses him and how it has integrally supported him on his journey to becoming an amazing skateboarder.

Langa Dives Into Reki's Arms After His Victory

Reki has always been Langa’s number one cheerleader as the rookie trains and goes on to race some powerful competitors. He’s always very expressive about how dazzled he is when “Snow” (Langa’s “S” name) rocks the show, especially when Reki’s expert craftsmanship helps give him that edge. Brimming with excitement, Reki jump-dives into Langa’s arms after he wins a match against Miya at the end of Sk8: The Infinity Episode 3.

While Reki always gushes about how “awesome” the snowboarder is, Langa is usually more reserved about showing affection in such a flamboyant way. That’s why the ultimate moment when Langa wins against Adam and jumps into Reki’s arms is so surprising and special. Reki’s obviously surprised – and somewhat fearful – of the sudden crash, but seems content to be used as a landing pad.

The way Langa finishes the race and blissfully soars into Reki’s embrace in a fast collision is very reminiscent of Yuri!!! on Ices finale moment when Yuri tackles Victor after his ice skating performance. Whether Sk8: The Infinity made that reference on purpose is unknown, but the overwhelming love conveyed by Langa’s dive hug seems just as heartfelt.

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