Shonen Showdown: Bleach’s Ichigo Vs. Fairy Tail’s Laxus – Who Would Win?

Bleach is a beloved shonen series starring Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school boy who gained the powers of a Soul Reaper one fateful night. Ever since then, Ichigo trained hard and faced many powerful foes, and he grew into a powerhouse that could save the entire world. Everyone counted on him, and he lived up to his name as "one defender."

But could he defeat Fairy Tail's lightning wizard Laxus Dreyar? This battle would be a close one, but only one shonen hero can win.

Ichigo Kurosaki's Powers And Abilities

Ichigo Kurosaki From Bleach

There is far more to Ichigo Kurosaki than meets the eye. He has Soul Reaper blood from his father is part Quincy from his mother, and he even obtained an inner Hollow from his parents. Now, Ichigo has awakened all these powers and more, and he's been trained by the best of the best, from Kisuke Urahara to Yoruichi Shihoin and his father.

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Ichigo bears a zanpakuto, or a soul-cutting sword, named Zangetsu. Its shikai mode is like a giant knife, while its bankai mode transforms it into Tensa Zangetsu, a long, thin black blade that compresses its spiritual power for maximum speed and agility. With this bankai, Ichigo was able to keep pace with the fearsome Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, and Ichigo can charge up and fire his immense spiritual energy in the Getsuga Tensho technique.

After training with the mysterious Visoreds, Ichigo learned to control his inner Hollow, and don its mask (and borrow its powers) at will. While masked, Ichigo's speed, strength and stamina are all greatly augmented, to the point that he's an untouchable blur on the battlefield. The Getsuga Tensho grows even stronger and turns black, and there is still more. If Ichigo is fatally wounded, his inner Vasto Lorde will manifest and turn him into a mindless berserker, having the strength to face a fully-released Ulquiorra Schiffer and tear him apart, including the use of a devastating Cero Oscuras.

Laxus Dreyar's Electric Powers

Laxus Dreyar wanted to weed out Fairy Tail's weakest members and pitted his fellow mages against one another to see who would prove themselves worthy. Laxus personally fought Natsu Dragneel and nearly won; his crafty scheming split the massive guild into many pieces. Fortunately, upon being defeated, Laxus was exiled from the guild and redeemed himself. Now, he and his fellow wizards are closely-knit allies, and Laxus will risk his very life for the people dear to him.

As for combat capabilities, Laxus quickly proved why he's an S-rank mage. Laxus's endurance is remarkably high, even though his magic has nothing to do with defense, and he can shrug off serious injuries and keep fighting with astonishing stamina. Laxus narrowly outlasted Erza in a duel in the Fairy Tail 100 Years' Quest manga, and he could likely do it again. Laxus also boasts expert martial arts skills and impressive bodily strength, meaning he can still fight even if his foes get within close range to avoid Laxus' ranged lightning attacks.

Laxus can perform the Lighting Dragon's Roar technique from his mouth, and he can transform into a lightning bolt to zip around the battlefield at high speed, and of course, he is immune to hostile lightning attacks. He can also perform Fairy Law, just like his grandfather, but this ability takes time to charge up. Ideally, Laxus has his fellows around to keep the enemy busy in the meantime. Lightning Dragon's Jaw is a slow but powerful move that can even take out Zeref's demon book allies, and the Roaring Thunder technique allows Laxus to deliver a devastating electric blow from one fist, with enough power to threaten any of the Ten Wizard Saints.

Ichigo Vs. Laxus - Who Would Win?

bleach ichigo kurosaki

In this battle, Ichigo will recognize Laxus as a powerful foe and begin the fight with his bankai mode. Laxus is quicker than he looks, and in shikai mode, Ichigo would take a serious blow right away. In bankai mode, Ichigo can outpace Laxus slightly, and evade Laxus' heavy-duty lightning attacks, such as Lightning Dragon's Roar. Ichigo is ready to fight back, and he will perform a flash step to outflank Laxus and deal a serious blow. Too late -- Laxus can transform into a lightning bolt and evade the blow, then turn back and hit Ichigo with a few punches.

Now Ichigo must get serious, and his Hollow mask is now in play. With this level of speed and power, Ichigo turns the tables on Laxus, and his black Getsuga Tensho can counter or at least hold off even Laxus' best moves. Once Ichigo outflanks Laxus, he will either pierce Laxus' heart with his blade or take off his head, winning the duel at last. Nothing less than that can stop Laxus Dreyar.

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