Shar Clay Announces Scorching New Track “Revelation”

From Austin, Texas, the heavy metal and punk artist Shar Clay reveals a new track “Revelation” from the upcoming EP, Of Bloodbath.

Having been in the industry for almost 7 years, Shar Clay has sharpened his skills and talent to surprise his listeners time and again. His art is usually centered around sensitive topics that truly get the emotions going.

The model of punk interpretations, Shar Clay’s music is seamlessly straightforward. It is bold, raw, with no excessive decorations. His music brings the true meaning of punk and hardcore into heavy-sounding songs. Taking from different components of these genres, Shar Clay produces astoundingly unique pieces that hit the spot.

“Revelation” beautifully encapsulates an emotional roller coaster matched with tunes, lyrics, mystery, and intrigue.
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