Sevenn Electrifies Fans on Latest Single “Running From Love”

PowerhouseDJ Sevenn has released his long-awaited single, “Running From Love”.

Moving in a high-energy direction, the electricity on the track is far from lost. Sevenn exudes non-stop creative chemistry with fellow collaborators BIGMOO Sarah de Warren.

The celebrated electronic music artist has demonstrated consistency in connecting with his audience and delivering vibrant, career- unique albums. 

With shows at the Ultra Europe Boat Party, Beacheville Stage and Synergy Summer Festival just to name a few, he is not an artist to be missed. Unfortunately, not many artists can handle the pressure of staying nuanced in a competitive and driven industry. Fortunately, Sevenn has a strong circle around him to help hone his craft, continuing to guide and pour invaluable technique and momentum into his platform, guiding the wind in his rapidly rising influence.