Seven Deadly Sins: A 3,000 Years-Long Con Is Full of Shocking Revelations

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgment Part 2, now streaming on Netflix.

The final season of The Seven Deadly Sins saved one of its most shocking twists for the very end. After the Demon King's defeat, the Sins celebrate that they've each accomplished their own goals and realize they have no idea what Merlin's goal is. Merlin obligingly transports everyone back to the Lake of Magic, where they overcame the Demon King, and reveals her shocking plan that's been 3,000 years in the making.

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Merlin has always been the most mysterious member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Her incredible power as a mage was borderline too convenient for someone who seemingly never experienced any kind of growth as a character. As it turns out, most of the series has been a part of Merlin's long con -- right down to the formation of the Seven Deadly Sins. Let's break down the most shocking revelations from Merlin's big reveal.

Arthur Is Resurrected as the King of Chaos

Arthur gains the power of Chaos in The Seven Deadly Sins

Chaos is the name of the ultimate power and the creating force of everything in the universe in The Seven Deadly Sins. It created the Demon King, Supreme Deity, the Sacred Tree, Giants, and Humans. Chaos is an ever-changing force with no given form, and Merlin resurrects Arthur to be its ruler. The Priestess of Chaos, an entity that inhabits the Lake of Magic, confirms that only a human of its own choosing can be the ruler of Chaos.

After Merlin revives Arthur, he is immediately endowed with the power of Chaos. His own emotional state has the power to alter the very fabric of reality. This development makes Arthur the most powerful being in the history of The Seven Deadly Sins, as Chaos is said to possess darkness that even the Demon King fears, and light that even the Supreme Deity worships. Merlin intends to use Arthur and Chaos' power to build a new, eternal kingdom in Britannia.

Hawk Mama Is Actually Chaos' Prison

Hawk Mama is revealed to be the prison of Chaos in The Seven Deadly Sins

After Chaos created the human race, the Demon King and Supreme Deity became worried it would no longer have use for them and agreed to seal Chaos away. It turns out, they did so by creating a golem resembling a giant, green pig. When Hawk and Hawk Mama attempted to leave the battlefield after the defeat of the Demon King, Hawk Mama stopped and stared at the Lake of Magic, refusing to budge, apparently sensing that Chaos was about to be freed. Visibly reacting to the unleashing of Chaos, Hawk Mama's body deflated as the power of Chaos relocated inside of Arthur.

Merlin Has Been Playing Meliodas from the Start

Merlin reveals she has been playing Meliodas from the start in The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins' Merlin was born as a child prodigy in an ancient city of mages called Belialuin over 3,000 years ago. As a child, one day she encountered Meliodas outside the city and fell in love with him. She decided to take on the form of a beautiful woman and froze her body that way forever, only to have her heart broken when Meliodas returned to visit her with Elizabeth at his side. Crushed, Merlin spent the rest of her life trying to fill the hole in her heart by gaining more magic and power, until one day she learned of the existence of Chaos.

In all their 3,000 years together, Merlin never told Meliodas about Chaos -- much less her plan to free it -- and began orchestrating events. She sabotaged her own time-stopping magic, which allowed the Demon King to be freed, and directed Meliodas to fire the Sins' final move against the Demon King into the Lake of Magic, giving the Lake the power she would need to later revive Arthur. Worst of all, Merlin reactivated Elizabeth's curse after Meliodas had lifted it.

Merlin reasoned that even though she saved Elizabeth from the curse, she needed it active to motivate Meliodas to kill the Demon King, as the Demon King's death was necessary to free Chaos from its prison. The formation of the Seven Deadly Sins in the first place was Merlin's idea, and they are all shocked to learn that it was all just part of her plan to free Chaos. Merlin is not seen again after freeing Chaos and leaving with Arthur, leaving it in the air if the other Sins forgive her -- or if she even forgives herself for using them.

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