Seriously, Is the Dragon Ball Super Anime EVER Coming Back?

Ever since the final fight against Jiren and later Broly in Dragon Ball Super, fans of Goku and friends have been wondering when the series will return. However, as time's passed, the question has changed from "when" to "if." While the Dragon Ball Super manga continues on with the Moro arc, it is unclear what will occur in the future of the franchise.

Any concerns that fans might have previously had, however, were made exponentially worse with the release of the Dragon Ball Super: The Complete Series Blu-ray collection. The labeling of "The Complete Series" indicates that this is, for now, it for Dragon Ball Super as we know it.  However, even if Dragon Ball Super is over, Dragon Ball almost certainly is not.

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Is Dragon Ball Super Over?

Movie Dragon Ball Super Broly Freaking Out

Dragon Ball is still producing more content. On top of DLC content for Dragon Ball: Kakarot, the web series Super Dragon Ball Heroes continues to release new episodes alongside its expanded manga spin-off. However, the marketing for this collector's edition seems to indicate, at first, that Dragon Ball Super is over.

It's possible this is a case of misleading marketing. Dragon Ball Super: The Complete Series consists only of the episodes thus released. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is not a part of this collection. Ergo, this really isn't Dragon Ball Super in its entirety as of now.

On top of that, Dragon Ball Super's manga is continuing strongly. The current Moro Arc has lasted 25 chapters so far, make it the longest arc in the manga thus far. It's possible that Toei, which has started up a division exclusively for Dragon Ball Super content, is waiting for more manga chapters to adapt before making more episodes. With so much content in the Dragon Ball Super manga, it seems unlikely the anime will remain dead forever.

Have There Been Any Updates?

Vegeta vs Moro on Namek

To date, there are no concrete announcements indicating anything on the horizon for Dragon Ball Super's return. However, there is some promising news that might indicate we may hear something soon.

Toei continues to earn money on the Dragon Ball brand, but the lack of new content has led to diminishing returns. A recent financial report indicated that, since the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Toei has been earning less and less money for Dragon Ball per year. Toei needs major new Dragon Ball content. Most likely, this would mean either a new Dragon Ball Super film or the revival of the Dragon Ball Super TV series. There could also be a new Dragon Ball sequel series that follows Super.

If Toei wants to continue earning money on the Dragon Ball brand, it will need to pump new life into the franchise somehow. The most obvious way to do this would be to produce more Dragon Ball content. Inevitably, Goku and friends will return. Fans of Dragon Ball Z had to wait over a decade before receiving new content in the form of the short "Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!" Fans of Dragon Ball Super have only waited two years. New content will come.

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