Seekay’s “Hold” Is The Miraculous Intervention Before Losing Someone For Good

When it comes to love, some of you might have that sense that you’ve put yourself all in towards someone, and that unfortunately, sometimes, everything doesn’t work out the way you planned it. For the first time ever, Seekay has channeled these feelings into his new single, “Hold,” an anthem for second chances, forgiveness and hope, as the title perfectly reflects. 

“Hold” is a courageous statement to go beyond fears, break-ups, and Egos, and call back the person you love to make this relationship work once and for all. After doubts, pain, and promises, “Hold” is the final calling, the miracle that prevents us from losing someone dear to us for good, over a magical track that delivers organic progressions, indulgent melodies, and a stunning vocal performance by Chloe. If you still have love on the brain, “Hold” is there to guide you through the process.