SEEDJ Is The Platform Changing The Game For Artists In The Electronic Music Industry

We are happy to announce our partnership with SEEDJ, the first digital accelerator for new emerging artists in the electronic music industry.

The platform will be online on 30th July, you can upload your tracks and we will start to do demo reviews and scouting from there!

We hope to find new artists that can help us to spread our music culture and our concept. You can pre-order your priority access through our link getting Premium features with special benefits. It will be a pre-order for 500 people only.

SEEDJ – What you must know

New revolutionary platform

Due to the sharp increase in the number of DJs around the world, new DJs are struggling to get in contact with labels and booking agencies, making the dream of becoming a high-level DJ more and more difficult. Furthermore, beginner DJs have to face technical gaps and a lack of theoretical skills that can only be bridged thanks to expensive courses at private academies or free low-quality tutorials on platforms such as YouTube and many more. Our idea is to have a single platform where you can have all the tools needed for your growth as a DJ (this includes technical notions and interpersonal contacts). Summary of our solution SEEDJ is the first “digital accelerator” for DJs. An online platform in which you can be in contact with the best record labels and management agencies of electronic music and, at the same time, be able to learn technical and theoretical notions from the best DJs of the international scene, download resources and tools for music production, receive feedbacks and essential tips for becoming a professional DJ. All included with a monthly subscription.

Why should a DJ choose SeeDJ?

Because with a single monthly subscription starting from 19€ our users will have all the functions that they would get by activating 4-5 subscriptions to different services with a total cost of about € 150 or even more. In a few words, this means that a DJ could save 85-90%of his personal growth expenses. An amazing pricing strategy that is completed by the partnership of the best partners (record labels, teachers, management agencies, international DJs) of the global market, by the creation of exclusive content that will be offered to our users and a simple web interface that can be understood and used by anyone. All this will allow us to increase our brand image and customer loyalty, but also the value of the service. Features SeedJ, the online platform that aims to be a DJ’s virtual academy, is born from the lack of a unique system that can offer DJs multiple services such as services that bridge all the theoretical, practical and organizational gaps. Our first solution includes 5 services within a monthly or annual subscription.

Those 5 services are:

• DJs will be able to upload their track on the platform and their tracks will be periodically reviewed by our labels partners.

• DJs will be able to create their own profile with information and multimedia contents in order to be selected by our management agencies partners, who will periodically review user profiles in order to build new partnerships;

• DJs will be able to follow video courses, lectures, and workshops held by teachers certified and experienced producers;

• DJs will be able to download exclusive resources created by international DJs.

This includes all the tools such as samples and loops needed for music production.

• Last but not least, DJs will have the opportunity to follow music charts updated continuously in real-time and released by the most important media partners in the electronic music and most important they will be able to buy tracks/discs thanks to the API with the most important music stores like Beatport, Bandcamp and Discogs.

All the contents will be made in multi-language and each DJ will have searching filters applied to his/her own micro-genre. (Eg. house DJs will view only House music contents and content on the House genre, while techno DJs will see only Techno music content).

Confirmed DJ that will produce a Masterclass on Seedj

Adiel, Alex Neri, BEC, Coyu, Fedele (Agents ofTime), François Kevorkian, Gaetano Parisio, Luca Agnelli, Luigi Madonna, Phil Weeks, Qubiko, Stiv Hey, Antenes, Blazej Malinowski, Charlton, Domenico Crisci, Fabrizio Rat, Frankyeffe, Manni Dee, Montero, Perc, Raffaele Attanasio, Roberto Capuano, SPFDJ, UVB, Z.I.P.P.O, Claudio PRC, Ayarcana, and many more to be announced.


SEEDJ’s mission is simple and concise: We want to turn as many new DJs as we can into professional DJs through key services that reflect all the realities of electronic music (Label and Booking Agencies) and training new DJs through the e-learning service (courses, lessons and a lot of resources). Our long-term vision is to develop a more and more elaborated platform, which, from the beginning, can support the musical growth of an artist through multiple services that will cover all the needs of an average user. 

Stay updated and see you there in July.