Sailor Moon: The Mystery of the Sailor Guardians’ Vanishing Accessories

In the popular Sailor Moon franchise, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the Sailor Guardians 'vanishing' artifacts. This is because they appear quite inconsistently throughout Sailor Moon's various media.

For this reason, let's take a more in-depth look into what these items are and their purpose in the franchise. We're going to look at Guardian Mars's jewel belt, Jupiter's Rose Belt, Venus's physical Love-Me Chain, the Sword of the Silver Crystal, and Pluto's belt of Space-Time Keys and discuss where they appear, their uses and significance in the series.

Guardian Mars's Jewel Belt

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Guardian Mars has a jeweled belt that she wears in the Sailor Moon musical. Mars' belt has two red ribbons, one red and the other a lighter red, situated at the front of her belt with a red gem in the center. At the back, there are two long thin ribbons held together with a golden five-pointed star.

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This item is little more an accessory, forming part of Guardians Mars's musical sailor fuku outfit. This accessory appears when she transforms into her Sailor Guardian combat uniform, but it only appears during the musical. She is not shown wearing it as part of her outfit in the manga or anime.

This item doesn't have any significance apart from appearing when Guardian Mars transforms. It doesn't have any attacks or powers associated with it.

Guardian Jupiter's Rose Belt

The Rose Belt is what Guardian Jupiter wears in the manga and live-action Sailor Moon incarnations. It is rose-colored, as the name suggests, with a translucent orb-shaped container filled with rose petal pot pourii. It first appears in ACT 7 of the manga, Episode 25 of the anime, and ACT 6 of the live-action series, in which Sailor Jupiter is the transfer student. She wears this around her waist as part of her Guardian outfit. In the manga, she wears a rose-colored belt instead.

The Rose Belt remains part of Guardian Jupiter's outfit ensemble until changing in the fifth and final story arc in the manga. Her new belt becomes light green with dark green ribbons in the front and two long thin ribbons at the back held together with a golden five-pointed star, similar to that of Sailor Mars.

Guardian Jupiter wears this belt throughout the manga until the final story arc as well as the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. However, it's never used as a weapon or as any kind of attack in the way that some of the other Guardian accessories are used.

Guardian Venus's Love-Me Chain

In the anime, the Love-Me Chain is not a physical weapon; it is a chain light-based vanishing weapon. It appears with a glowing spiral of heart-shaped energy links and is used as an attack when Sailor Venus conjures it. It vanishes once the attack is complete.

The Love-Me Chain first appears in the anime during the dispute over love Minako and Makato's face-off in Season 2, Episode 20. However, this event never transpires in the manga.

In the manga, as the chain is worn around the waist as a belt and features golden links embellished with rubies. This version of the chain changes shape to the Love-Me Whip when performing attacks. In the manga, the chain morphs when its wearer achieves Super Sailor Venus form. The Love-Me Chain first appears in ACT 11, "Reunion Endymion," and it does not vanish after use; instead, it goes back around Sailor Venus's waist. It also turns up in some of the franchise's video games.

The Sword Of The Silver Crystal

The holy blade -- also referred to as the Sword of the Silver Crystal -- is an artifact found on the moon by the Sailor Guardians in ACT 10 of the manga. This artifact only appears in the manga and not in the anime, live-action versions, or musicals.

The weapon, although made of stone, is capable of shattering diamonds. It is a mystical artifact of the Moon Kingdom originally used by the Guardian Senshi to protect the princess. Using this sword requires it to be conjured into being by the Sailor Guardians.

This weapon is mainly used by Sailor Venus, most notably to kill Queen Beryl, the Dark Kingdom Commander in ACT 12. The last time the sword is called forth is in ACT 13 when the Sailor Guardians draw on it for more power. But this does not happen, and they fail to completely conjure the sword and become powerless as a result. This is the last time the sword is seen in the manga.

Guardian Pluto's Belt Of Space-Time Keys

Guardian Pluto's Belt of Space-Time Keys, in the manga and live-action versions, looks like a mini-garnet of rods on a silver chain, worn around the waist of Guardian Pluto. In the anime, there is no Belt of Space-Time Keys; there is only a singular key kept on a chain worn and around Chibiusa's neck after she steals it from Pluto.

In the manga, the Belt of Space-Time keys appears first in ACT 11, "Reunion Endymion." The belt allows the user to transport themselves to space-time doors and so they can navigate the maze-like fourth dimension. Pluto's Belt of Space-Time Keys in the manga and anime is the only artifact that allows for time travel throughout various timelines.

Pluto's Space-Time Key makes its first appearance in the anime in Episode 60 and, though different in design, has the same abilities and uses as it does in the manga. Though it is consistently present, it is only used during extreme circumstances in the anime, as time travel is technically prohibited.

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