Rihanna Rihannas Her Way Out of Another Album Update

Okay, fine, we can’t even be mad at Rihanna right now. The singer has provided yet another non-update on R9 while talking to British Vogue, adding to a long list of swerves. But last week alone, Rihanna donated $700,000 worth of ventilators to Barbados and $5 million to various organizations fighting the coronavirus pandemic, so we get that she’s kind of busy being a head of state. Normally, Rihanna says she’s “very aggressively working on music.” Note the vague use of “music,” not R9. For all we know, Rihanna is talking about her recent feature on PartyNextDoor’s new song “Believe It,” which is definitively not the reggae album she’s been teasing. As for that, the only thing Rihanna has to say is that she’s doing things her way, as if that wasn’t obvious from her Instagram clap backs. “I can’t say when I’m going to drop … There are no rules,” she said. “There’s no format. There’s just good music, and if I feel it, I’m putting it out.” The musician-entrepreneur is enjoying her freedom, bouncing from Fenty Maison to Fenty Beauty to Savage X and back to music. “I feel like I have no boundaries,” she added. “I’ve done everything — I’ve done all the hits, I’ve tried every genre — now I’m just, I’m wide open. I can make anything that I want.” Just, please, for the love of God, release it!