Restaurant to Another World Voice Actors Talk Season 2 and Fantasy Food

In the current anime and manga market dominated by isekai, Restaurant to Another World stands out for having one of the most unique premises of the genre. The series revolves around a seemingly regular family restaurant called Nekoya. What makes it special, however, is that it opens its doors to the 'isekai' once a week, with its owner cooking all kinds of human food and serving it to various fantasy creatures. There are many regulars and occasional guests that stumble upon the restaurant by accident, and all of their stories make up the crux of the series' plot.

Despite this unorthodox premise, Restaurant to Another World still features all the great isekai worlds and creatures that audiences love to see but does away with some of the common tropes that many people dislike about it, like harems, world-ending plots and ridiculous power fantasies. There's not even any reincarnation. Instead, there is simply a lot of delicious-looking food that will make everyone fully appreciate the healing power of a good meal.

Restaurant To Another World

Ahead of Season 2's return this Fall, CBR recently had the chance to interview two of the main voice actors for Restaurant to Another World: Saori Onishi, who voices the black dragon turned waitress Kuro, and Sumire Uesaka, the voice of the original waitress of Nekoya, Aletta. Here's what they had to say about their fantasy food preferences and aspirations for the upcoming second serving.

CBR: Out of all the fantasy worlds featured in this series, which one would you like to visit the most?

Saori Onishi: I would like to visit the moon where Kuro lives. It's a quiet world without anyone else, and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stay there for a day because I'd be too lonely [laughs]. I'd like to see what kind of place Kuro lived in.

Sumire Uesaka: I would also like to visit the moon with Kuro. I'm sure I'll get lonely if I stay there all the time, but I'd like to read and drink in the quiet space on the moon.

Is there any fantasy or imaginary food items that you would like to try?

S.O: I'm not a good cook, so it's hard for me to think of even imaginary recipes [laughs]. I've been on an octopus kick lately, so I'd like to try... something with octopus!

S.U: Recovery potions are the must-have item in another world! I'd like to make a potion or something like that. I wonder if they taste good.

Besides all the delicious food, what should audiences look forward to the most in Season 2 of Restaurant to Another World?

S.O: Through the delicious menu, you can see the relationships between customers as well as the new relationships that emerge and change over time. I hope you'll enjoy the show 'till the end!

S.U: I hope you'll enjoy the interaction between the regulars and the newcomers! And there's a shocking twist waiting for you at the end!

What developments do you hope will happen for your characters in Season 2?

S.O: Improving her skills at her job… I think? [laughs]

S.U: At first, Aletta didn't have confidence in herself as a demon without power, but as she interacted with various people like Tenshu and Kuro, her charm and innocence came out more. Aletta's bright smile is a great addition to Nekoya!

Onishi-san, your character Kuro’s favorite food is curry chicken, which she loved after tasting it for the first time. Is there any food that you loved after eating it for the first time?

Instant noodles! I was not allowed to eat much of it as a child, so maybe it's a reaction to that, but I crave it when I'm really tired.

Aletta learned to cook potatoes after she started working at Nekoya. Uesaka-san, is there anything you learned to cook after it appeared in the series?

I'm a very bad cook, so the only thing I could make was fried rice! But it was so good!

Restaurant to Another World 2, the second season of the popular fantasy anime, will stream on Crunchyroll this October.

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