Restaurant to Another World 2 Serves Up An Appetizing New Trailer

A new trailer for the long-awaited second season of Restaurant to Another World has been released.

The new trailer highlights the restaurant itself, including its staff, which includes the return of the two waitresses Aletta and Kuro, and the restaurant's chef and owner, Master. The second season of the show was first announced in June 2021, almost four years after the first season concluded. Production of the show has shifted from studio Silver Link, which is best known for its work on My Next Life As a Villainess, to OLM Inc., the company that is also producing the upcoming Komi Can't Communicate anime. Most of the original series' cast and crew are returning to reprise their original roles, with the exception of character designers Keiichi Sano and Takao Sanao, whose roles will now be filled by Pokémon's Yasukazu Shoji. The second season's opening theme will be performed by voice actor Kiyono Yasuno, who is returning to the series to fill the role of Sarah.

Restaurant to Another World tells the story of Nekoya, a seemingly normal restaurant located in a quiet Tokyo neighborhood that transforms into a portal to other worlds on the weekends. The restaurant introduces its clientele of adventurers, elves and beastmen to the cuisine of worlds beyond their own, including Earthly treats such as cheesecake. Each episode focuses on a different patron or staff member of the restaurant, who all come to the eatery for different reasons.

The anime is based on the light novel series of the same name by Junpei Inuzuka, which features art by Katsumi Enami. The original novels have been localized and released in English by Seven Seas Entertainment.

The first season of Restaurant to Another World is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The second series will stream on Crunchyroll.

Source: YouTube

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