Restaurant To Another World 2 Coming to Crunchyroll Streaming And Expo

Crunchyroll announced that it will stream season 2 of Restaurant to Another World. It was also announced that members of the anime's voice cast will  take part in a panel at the streaming company's upcoming Virtual Crunchyroll Expo.

During their Anime Expo panel on July 3, Crunchyroll confirmed that Restaurant to Another World 2, the second season of the popular fantasy anime, will stream on its service this October. The original season of the show aired in 2017, and was directed by Masato Jinbo, who also worked on The Rising of Shield Hero and episodes of Shakugan No Shana. Jinbo will return for this season, while animation production for the second season of the show is being handled by OLM, the studio that is best known for producing the Pokemon anime series. Turn A Gundam and Inazuma Eleven's Yasukazu Shoji will provide character designs for this season of the anime.

Restaurant to Another World tells the story of Nekoya, a restaurant in Tokyo that seems normal on weekdays, but on Saturdays it becomes a doorway to a world of high fantasy, and serves a clientele of elves, orcs, beast-men, and other fantastical creatures. The anime is adapted from a series of light novels by author Junpei Inuzuka and illustrator Katsumi Enami.

Crunchyroll also announced that several members of the show's voice cast will be part of panel discussing the anime at the upcoming Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, which will be held on Aug. 5-8. Those cast members are: Junichi Suwabe, who voices the Shopkeeper in Restaurant to Another World and who also starred in Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia and Yuri On Ice; Saori Onishi, who voices Kuro and has also had roles in Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? and Haikyu!!; and Sumire Uesake, who plays the role of Aletta and is best known as the voice of Nagatoro in Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro. The Virtual Crunchyroll Expo is a free, online convention that will feature both professional and fan-run panels, an artists' alley, and a cosplay exhibition. It was previously announced that the members of the cast and crew of To Your Eternity and The Rising of Shield Hero will also be guests at the event.

Source: Crunchyroll

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