Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Has the STUPIDEST Villain

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, now streaming on Netflix, as well as discussion of suicide and self-harm.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness' four episodes weave an intricate web of politics and terrorism, with America thinking that China sent zombies into the White House and hacked sensitive data on bioweapons. It seems like the two world powers are on a collision course, which is why Resident Evil's leading man Leon is partnered with Jason and Shen May to go to Asia and get intel to prove the Americans were wronged.

However, it's soon revealed there's someone in the Oval Office pulling sinister strings. This turns out to be none other than Defense Secretary Wilson -- but the problem is, he also turns out to be the stupidest villain ever.

Wilson is adamant that China is behind all the trouble, pushing President Graham to condemn them without proof. He's always been keen on sending more forces into Penamstan, a country on China's border that's been through a civil war and who America's working with to install a new government. It's not hard to see early on that Wilson is trying to provoke China while keeping a close eye by occupying their neighboring land.

The full truth is revealed by Jason and Shen May later on: they were involved in his missions when he was a Commanding Officer running bio-experiments in Penamstan. Wilson often bombed villages to erase traces of his own men, causing this duo to turn on him after he infected Jason's Mad Dog squad and got Shen May's brother mutated.

As Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness continues, Claire Redfield uncovers the secret about the Mad Dogs who have been killing themselves, although she doesn't know why they're doing so. She approaches Wilson after she found a suicide note, but his reaction makes no sense when he has his goons kidnap her from her apartment. One would think he'd just kill her but for some reason, Wilson brings her to his scientific base.

At this point, Wilson makes every rookie mistake in the book. He prattles on about how he's manufacturing bioweapons who can't die -- super-soldiers, basically. He wants to pack them into Penamstan, cause war with China and then he'll reveal the inhibitor that can quell the mutation. In other words, he'll have the virus and the vaccine, so he can make billions as the infection spreads. The problem is, if he's all about America being the world leader, then why even sell the inhibitor? He's literally giving rivals weapons to beef up their armies, thus putting them on equal pegging.

To top it off, it's not smart to be waxing on about potential world wars when you're not going to kill the listener. Wilson offers to let Claire go if she'll keep quiet, which she clearly won't, but the other offer is he'll infect her and withhold the inhibitor. It's a risk he can't take, as he doesn't know if she'll use her body as evidence.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness' plot, by bringing her to the lair to run through all this, is simply forced so she can see his army of super-soldiers and provide a convenient battleground for a bitter Jason to come to dismantle the facility. This conversation could have been done anywhere. To make it worse, Wilson gives the person investigating his project the full rundown, which leaves Claire targeting the government for secrets they didn't commit.

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