Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ Brutal Ending, Explained

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix's Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness acts as a precursor to Resident Evil 5 as Leon goes on a top-secret mission for the U.S. government. He's partnered with two special ops agents, Jason and Shen May, to head to China as it seems the latter launched a zombie attack inside the Oval Office.

It's apparently a distraction leading to China hacking and stealing sensitive intel on bio-weapons. However, as the finale unravels, dangerous secrets are revealed in a brutal conclusion for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness' four episodes.

Jason's Real Mission

After Jason and Shen May sabotage the submarine, the trio escape to China's mainland. In Shanghai, Jason admits he's a traitor and that his unit, the War Dogs, in Penamstan uncovered a major conspiracy by Defense Secretary Wilson six years ago. That 2000 raid ended with them being infected by a virus that creates zombies -- however, Wilson proceeded to blackmail them with an inhibitor serum, making them his assassins after deeming them war heroes.

This has led to many deaths, so the last of the squad, Jason, isn't really here to extract intel for his boss. He faked it all so he could come over and get data to corroborate what happened to his squad. He knows Wilson could cover it up or even pin blame on Umbrella and Raccoon City. Therefore, Jason had to stay deep under cover and wait for the right data to come along to expose him, thus garnering justice for everyone afflicted by the sadistic experimental program.

Leon's Big Betrayal

Leon doesn't believe this treason at all, and a firefight breaks out at the apartment where he shoots Jason dead. He then tracks Shen May to her grandfather's mansion and holds her at gunpoint, only to find out she needs to get a chip from Jun-See, her brother, to prove Jason right. Both were working under Wilson -- with Jun being one of the test subjects Jason spoke of -- but Shen flipped when Wilson ordered the entire site to be incinerated, removing all traces of evidence.

However, Shen would help Jason get his survivors and her brother out but he's now on life support here. It took some time but they've discovered a chip in his body -- one that logs vitals and and other crucial data -- and the plan is to get it back to America to incriminate Wilson. Shen wants to leak it to the relevant authorities and bring Wilson down but the place is firebombed, killing everyone except the agents. Sadly, Leon refuses to let Shen take the chip public as it'll spread terror and start wars.

Wilson's Sinister Play: Making Money Off War

Meanwhile Claire Redfield, who sniffed around and realized something was up with the Mad Dogs when they came back from duty, has been captured by Wilson. He wants to silence her as her investigative work will expose how he's trying to place his bioweapons (aka super-soldiers) in Penamstan so they can intimidate China's border. Once the war starts, he'll then be able to peddle his bioweapon on the market (he'd have the only inhibitor for the infection), thus making billions.

Wilson's rant is stopped, though, when Jason raids the base. He's surprisingly alive and well due to his mutation, but after losing patience, he turns into his final form in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness: an Abomination-like behemoth. He bites Wilson, infecting him, but in the midst of the assault, the self-destruct system goes off and the base begins to flood with acid, killing all the other super-soldiers in their stasis cells. Sadly, by the time Leon and Shen arrive, Jason has finally lost his mind.

Jason's New War

As they're close to the White House, Jason doesn't care for the chip anymore and wants to bust out to the surface. Once Washington sees him, Wilson will be exposed -- but Leon can't have that, as he'll infect people and create another Raccoon City in his rampage. Unfortunately, as this mini-war breaks out, Jason snaps Shen's neck as he thinks aggression and terror are now the best solution, not media or propaganda blame wars.

Luckily, Claire escapes the acid bath in captivity and helps destabilize the facility by causing the levels to fall apart, giving Leon the opening he needs. A ruthless Leon uses a bazooka and other forms of weaponry to eventually drop Jason into the acid. The sympathetic villain melts away but warns Leon that fear is what's needed to really save the world from the corrupt.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness' Chilling Aftermath

Luckily, just as a frustrated President Graham's about to host a press conference and sign a treaty with Penamstan, his aide Patrick gets word to him from Leon. He indicates that Wilson's the traitor and not to start an unnecessary war with China based on bad information from someone who framed the Asian country to provoke bloodshed. The president abides and later flies off for peace talks, acknowledging Leon's great work again. Leon saved his daughter in the past so it continues their close bond and overall trust.

But Leon still has his own agenda -- he refuses to give Claire the chip that can bust Wilson's plot wide open when she gets out of the hospital. He doesn't want to alienate Graham and paint America as the enemy yet, leaving Claire pissed as she believes this is him being complicit. Leon heads back into the White House to work but Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness' kicker is, Wilson's alive somewhere. He's seen taking an inhibitor injection from a man with a Tricell suitcase -- the sinister pharmaceuticals company that's making bioweapons to kick off Resident Evil 5.

Directed by Eiichiro Hasumi, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness stars Nick Apostolides, Stephanie Panisello, Ray Chase, Jona Xiao, Billy Kametz, Joe J. Thomas, Doug Stone and Brad Venable. The series is now available on Netflix.

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