Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ Biggest Unanswered Questions

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, now streaming on Netflix.

Sandwiched between Resident Evil 4 and 5, Netflix's Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness tries to throw a few curveballs at fans. While initially a straightforward story involving the White House sending series protagonist Leon and some other agents to discern the truth about a possible attack from China, the four episodes gradually weave intricate webs steeped in deception. As such, in a story where no one can be trusted, there are some mysteries left unanswered by the end of Season 1.

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Where Did the Rats Come From?

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

On U.S. Defence Secretary Wilson's submarine taking Leon, Shen May and Jason to China, things take a dark turn as Jason and Shen May kill the crew. They do it to make it look like China attacked the sub and ensure crew members can't spill the secrets. If they're blowing up the sub, we have no idea why Jason and Shen-May would cut them to pieces. But more so, we'd love to know where the mutant rats that erupted from the corpses came from. It's never explained if these soldiers were poisoned or not, which would be odd as Leon and Co. would also have been exposed.

Why Didn't Jason Go After Jun-Lee's Chip?

After Leon kills Jason for betraying America when they get to Shanghai, Jason heals due to his mutation and heads back to Washington. He ends up at Wilson's lair to destroy the lab with the bioweapons (aka zombie soldiers), but why didn't he head to Shen May's home outside of Shanghai? After all, he knew Leon went after her and that that was where Jun-See's biometrics chip was, which would expose Wilson's experiments.

Who Bombed Shen May's Home?

When Leon eventually does confronts Shen May at her home, she discloses the truth about the chip and the fact that Jun-See is barely alive, being a bioweapon experiment. However, the place is soon rocked by explosions, the perpetrator of which is never explained. It could be Wilson using drones but that doesn't make sense as America can't enter China's airspace; plus, he didn't know Shen May was betraying the White House. So, just who is behind the bombs?

Why Did Jason Spare Wilson?

In Wilson's lab, after Jason mutates, he bites Wilson and infects him with the virus. Why he leaves him alive... We have no idea. He should have killed Wilson for using so many soldiers and turning them into monsters. Instead, Jason lets him stumble out and he eventually gets to Tricell for a cure. Jason wanted to kill Wilson for so long, so it's weird he'd act so nonchalantly. Death fits Wilson's karma more than suffering does.

Why Would Wilson Sell the Inhibitor?

Wilson's main plan was to sell the inhibitor on the black market, but no one knows why. He's literally giving the competition the ability to turn their infected soldiers into bioweapons, so he's strengthening America's rivals. It doesn't add up that he seeks to profit when he claims to be a nationalist; he should be hoarding the serum to make America the top world power.

Why Did Patrick Take So Long With the President's Info?

Leon sends word to Patrick that Wilson is the true culprit, tricking America to attack China. Yet Patrick sits on this information and waits right before Graham hits the media conference to make his political rant. We'd like to know why he wouldn't just tell Graham beforehand as they had time to discuss things rather than wait until a pressure situation with the press arose.

Why Didn't Claire Leave the Lab?

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

When Claire escapes Wilson's imprisonment, she starts sabotaging the lab to help Leon beat a mutated Jason. But we have no idea why she didn't leave immediately after. The place was flooding with acid and she couldn't help out in battle, so she shouldn't have stuck around. It ends with her getting knocked out by debris. Clearly, she really didn't serve much purpose by hanging around.

Why Didn't Shen May Kill Leon?

When Leon gets the chip from Jun-See, he tells Shen-May he's not going to leak the information as he's trying to protect Graham and the U.S. government -- it's only Wilson who went rogue. And yet, she doesn't kill him. We never find out why, either. This was her mission and the only way to ensure Jun-See's death wasn't in vain. Not to mention she was also bitter about the bombing killing her grandfather and other family members, so it would have made sense for her to betray Leon and expose Wilson.

Why Did Jason Kill Shen May?

In his mutated form in Infinite Darkness, a raging Jason attacks Shen May after she and Leon get to the lab from Shanghai, admitting he doesn't need to go to the White House and attack it in his Hulk-like form. But Leon has Jun-See's chip, so even though he doesn't want to leak it, maybe they can. Jason, however, snaps her neck and we have no idea why. She's his only friend, after all, and by letting her go to possibly leak the chip, she'd be helping Jason expose Wilson.

Why Didn't Claire Out Leon?

Claire's rebuffed in the final scene of Infinite Darkness regarding the chip, which she wants to take to the media after the lab falls and Jason's killed. Leon says no, leaving her hanging, and Claire just drops the entire incident. We'd like to know why -- other than to allow the next game to happen -- Claire is letting Leon cover things up just like he did in Raccoon City. Neither of them should want another conspiracy like that to happen as they lost many people they cared about the last time. A second season of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness might help clear this and our other questions up.

Directed by Eiichiro Hasumi, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is available on Netflix now.

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