Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ 5 Most Cringeworthy Lines

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, now streaming on Netflix.

Developed by Capcom, Resident Evil has been thrilling zombie shooter enthusiasts for decades – the company’s recent game Resident Evil Village was released earlier this year. Netflix's Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime, however, is set between Resident Evil 4 and 5 and features fan-favorite characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. 

Yet even the most devoted fans know the Resident Evil franchise is infamous for having cringeworthy moments. From clumsy interactions in the games like the “Jill Sandwich” to the notoriously bad live-action movie scripts, Resident Evil continues to evoke painful laughter. Infinite Darkness is no exception — here are its top five hilariously awkward lines of dialogue.

Leon Hopes Zombie "Asswhales" Rest in Peace

As one might expect, Infinite Darkness Episode 1 throws Leon into a zombie-killing scenario as soon as he arrives, just as the t-Virus infiltrates the White House. After mowing down a slew of zombies with a machine gun, three more come straight at him. An expert slayer, he swiftly pulls out a handgun to take care of them, even shooting one behind his back without looking.

After showing off his skills, Leon mutters the campiest line imaginable: “Rest in peace, asswhales.” While some might write this off as a necessary opener or call it iconic, it’s hard to get over how strange and hilarious it is to refer to zombies as asswhales. They can’t help it, Leon – they’re zombies.

Is the Root of Terror Fear, Jason?

As an ex-military hero and the obligatory final bad guy of Infinite Darkness, it’s essential for Jason to have some kind of disturbing philosophy or backstory that fuels his agenda. He seems to have a fixation on the concept of terror and can’t stop ranting about it, even at the most uncalled-for times.

Jason first mentions it in Episode 2, asking, “Do you know where the root of terror comes from?” He blurts out that it starts with "fear" and continues to talk about how spreading fear can lead to terror in each following episode.

By Episode 4, he abandons his plans to expose the U.S. bioweapons conspiracy by leaking the microchip evidence, instead deciding to transform into his beefy zombie mode and spread all the fear by crashing the U.S. assembly himself. “I will open their eyes to true terror,” he grumbles endlessly. Even when Jason gets deep-fried after falling into a corrosive acid, he can’t stop his cyclical talk of “fear” and “terror.”

Claire's Extra Remark: "Hell Yeah, I'm Sure"

For some reason, corrupt Secretary of Defense Wilson decides to take Claire down to his secret research facility to threaten her not to publicly reveal her investigation exposing the U.S. conspiracy. Despite attempted bribery, the investigative reporter doesn’t budge, and eventually, the whole facility starts to fill with corrosive acid when zombie Jason goes berserk.

After saving Claire from falling into the acid, Leon directs her to the control room to help delay Jason’s ascent. Somehow Claire knows how to operate the system without difficulty, lowering platforms the zombie hulk is on. She gets so into it that when the computer asks her to confirm, she feels the need to verbally respond with, “Hell yeah, I’m sure.” The unnecessary comment is embarrassingly gung-ho.

Leon Calls His Gun Sexy

While Claire is on a roll messing around in the control room, Leon happens upon a super-powerful weapon conveniently stashed in the research facility. The gun catches his eye and he quickly snatches it, affectionately cooing, “Hey, sexy.” While the line was meant to be humorous, it still evokes secondhand embarrassment.

That being said, there may be a number of Resident Evil fans just as aroused as Leon when seeing this weapon. Video game enthusiasts might recognize the bazooka gun as the iconic Lightning Hawk magnum from Resident Evil 2. For sentimentalists, perhaps it’s normal to use a clichéd pickup line on a beloved gun. Still, it might be best for Leon and his bazooka to get a room.

Fanboy Patrick Assures Leon He's a Hero

leon s kennedy from resident evil infinite darkness

As the flashy finale, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Episode 4 is jam-packed with over-the-top action and roll-your-eyes dialogue to match. The plot's resolution is present, yet rushed. Luckily, rookie U.S. agent Patrick is there to give his best attempt at a summation and take-away from the series.

Rushing over to chat with Leon after he took down Jason, Patrick gushes: “I don't know how you survived a sub blowing up or whatever happened downstairs, but holy shit man that's some hero level stuff.” Patrick isn’t the only one confused about how Leon continues to defy logic and stay alive – his comment is so awkwardly cheeky, it’s hard to swallow.

Additionally, just in case the audience wasn’t sure, Infinite Darkness had to emphasize how noble the zombie-killing protagonist is. Leon humbly says he was just lucky, but Patrick takes it even further, saying, “You saved everyone's lives here. Plus you helped the President decide the course this country's going to take for years to come.” This line is not only an incredible stretch, but a lazy and heavy-handed attempt to glorify Leon, who Patrick continues to insist is “definitely a hero.”

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